CIA watching Al Jazeera, learns Mubarak about to go


“There’s a strong likelihood that Mubarak may step down in Eqypt tonight,” CIA Director Leon Panetta told a House Intelligence panel today.

The CIA later clarified that Panetta’s statement was not based on intelligence but on news reports.

And there you have it. This is how the US government and legislators stay abreast of world-changing events: by watching Al Jazeera.

How significant will Mubarak’s departure be, assuming that it shortly comes?

The Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces has issued its communique #1. Does that mean Egypt will shortly be under military control?

Al Jazeera:

“Ambiguous” statement from military confirms its “commitment and responsibility to safeguard the people and to protect the interests of the nation, and its duty to protect the riches and assets of the people and of Egypt”. Mentioned the demands of the people are “lawful and legitimate”. Understood the military council met separately from Mubarak.


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  1. The CIA is a murderous institution that serves the cabals in Washignton. They are know for their blant incompetence just like the Pentagon.

    Remeber that birthday cake in Afegahnistan for that informant? Or the coward drone video feeding which could be tap by a $16.00 dollars Russian software?

    They kill and overthrow democracies, but they are complete incompetent.

  2. I believe it was pointed out elsewhere that the US has no competent advisers on Arab and Middle Eastern affairs because AIPAC and its cohorts in Washington and the media have worked to silence anyone who might tell Americans the truth about the region. The law of unintended consequences again.

    I expect the CIA will have to watch Al Jazeera to learn when the murderous US policies in Pakistan have brought about the long overdue coup d’etat against its corrupt lapdogs in Islamabad.