2 thoughts on “Is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange a hero? Glenn Greenwald debates Steven Aftergood of Secrecy News

  1. Norman

    The mindset of the critics seem to be guarded, which is natural. To listen to the Governments admonishment to not read, post, etc Wikileaks, I think is taking things a bit too far. The Genie is out of the bottle. The U.S. Government has/is employing tactics that are reflected upon the country as a whole, leaving the population to absorb the fallout. I think this tells the Country & the World that the U.S. is just as much a player in both clean & dirty tricks, that they accuse others of. When the Government hides, lies. distorts, retaliates against even their own population, then there certainly needs to be a change. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t amount to censorship in the extreme.

  2. Christopher Hoare

    To suggest that these documents should not be released to the world because the government responses will be to impose even greater restrictions is disingenuous. It’s rather like saying that soldiers should not fire back at the enemy lest they provoke a heavier barrage. Everything said and done in the US and its cronies around the world against Wikileaks emphasizes how important the campaign has become.

    The lines are drawn – the people vs the authoritarians. We may not always proceed in the wisest manner, but it is vitally important that we proceed. Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a million whistleblowers silence the voices of secrecy and corruption worldwide.

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