Psychologists protest ‘inhumane, harmful’ treatment of Bradley Manning

Raw Story reports:

A psychologists’ group has sent a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates asking him to “rectify the inhumane, harmful, and counterproductive treatment” of the Army private accused of being WikiLeaks’ source for the US State Department cables.

In a letter dated Monday, Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) argued that PFC Bradley Manning, who has been held in solitary confinement at the Marine Corps brig in Quantico for the past five months, may be the victim of political retribution. The group also suggested that the psychological damage Manning may be suffering from spending 23 hours a day alone may ruin his bid for a fair trial.

“History suggests that solitary confinement, rather than being a rational response to a risk, is more often used as a punishment for someone who is considered to be a member of a despised or ‘dangerous’ group,” the letter stated. “In any case, PFC Manning has not been convicted of a crime and, under our system of justice, is at this point presumed to be innocent.”

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2 thoughts on “Psychologists protest ‘inhumane, harmful’ treatment of Bradley Manning

  1. Norman

    The cracks are getting bigger in the wall built up by Bush & cronies, while being continued by “O”, which the newbies & the other Repubs will try to bring down. It seems that in their desire & perhaps fulfillment, the new Congress will expose the corruption in all its glory. They should be careful for which they wish.

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