Newt Gingrich’s deep neocon ties drive his bellicose Middle East policy

Wayne Barrett writes: Casino king Sheldon Adelson’s multi-million-dollar cache of chips-on-the-table for Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign has at last made him a household name outside of Las Vegas. But it isn’t just Adelson’s brand of pro-Israel, donor-driven saber-rattling that’s pushing Gingrich into far-out positions on virtually every Middle East-related question, from applauding the assassination of Iranian scientists to painting Palestinians as an historical concoction to requiring loyalty oaths from Muslim governmental appointees.

Since his days in the House, Gingrich has always attached himself to the most extreme neocon elements of American and Israeli politics. Adelson’s $18 million in contributions since 2006 only further fueled draft ducker Newt’s already chronic case of bombast. And as record-making as Adelson’s super PAC and other gifts to Newt are, they wouldn’t cover the cost of a single airstrike on a single Iranian facility. The price tag on what Gingrich calls “maximum covert operations” and possibly a full-scale war on Iran — both acceptable to Gingrich — would surely compete with the human and fiscal costs of the last conflagration he helped drag us into—the war in Iraq that has gone almost wholly unmentioned this primary season.

If elected, Gingrich would be the first American president to emerge from the dark think-tank world born in the Reagan era that gave us the Iraq War and lusts now for an Iranian reprise. A Likudnik version of the Manchurian candidate, Newt has spent much of his post-Congress life in the grasp of warrior colonies like the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the think tank where he became a senior fellow two months after he stepped down as speaker in 1999, remained until he declared for president last May, and worked at times alongside Dick and Lynne Cheney, Richard Perle, John Bolton, Michael Ledeen, and Paul Wolfowitz, the first Bush battalion to euphemistically land in Baghdad, self-dispatched well before 9/11.

As if spending three times as much time at AEI than he did as speaker wasn’t enough bloodless abstraction for him, Gingrich simultaneously became a distinguished visiting fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institute, where Don Rumsfeld was welcomed with open arms when George Bush finally had had enough of him and where Condoleezza Rice returned as a senior fellow after her eight years in the Bush administration. Gingrich was one of eight Hoover fellows to serve on the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board, the official war incubator chaired by ringleader Perle, and he also signed on as a board member of the AEI-tied Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, a front group recruited by the White House.

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5 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich’s deep neocon ties drive his bellicose Middle East policy

  1. Aziz Meshiea

    Paul, is there any particular reason that Ron Paul has been sidelined on WIC ?

    I would have thought that what he had to say would resonate here….

  2. dmaak112

    How is this any different than Obama? In his SOTU address, Obama’s biggest applause was his promises about Iran and his support for Israel. Obama is still in the war in Afghanistan, drones over Pakistan, murdering Americans without trial, war in Yemen, war in Africa, subverting the government in Syria, etc. Just how much different is there?

  3. Norman

    I guess I’m either or both stupid or naive, but isn’t this about running the U.S.A., not what the Israelis want?

  4. Tom Hall

    It ought to be plain to everyone by now that a form of “interoperability” has taken root between Washington and Tel Aviv. In leadership circles there is no longer a clear distinction between US and Israeli interests. The problem isn’t so much that Zionists have taken control of American policy as that the two have converged. And in that broad conjunction an absolutely maniacal marriage is being consummated between the far right forces of each country. Gingrich’s career and present standing is but one illustration of this toxic and perilous situation.

  5. DE Teodoru

    So, chose your eminence grise master:
    1) Mormon Church (to which Romney gave his obligate $5 million last year)

    2) Neocon Ziofascists who fund Gingrich as well guns for Crazies in West Bank

    3) Corporate scum pushing from the bottom (State legislation slates and Congress)

    Is there anything “democratic” in America that’s not for sale?

    Now I know how the French peasants felt in the last days of Louis XVIth!

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