Spare a thought for Bibi’s medievalists

Daniel Levy writes: Let’s face it: September 27th, 2012, was not a good day for the Israeli Prime Minister’s office props and graphics department. Bibi is a showman and there is nothing new in him using visual aides, but going from Holocaust documents to cartoon bombs in just 6 months leaves a little wanting in the tastefulness stakes. Part of his strategy is to convince the world that he is crazy enough to go it alone militarily against Iran, lest he be dismissed as the boy who keeps crying wolf. The Bugs Bunny bomb graphic was part of the “I’m crazy enough to do it” shtick.

And Bibi has his red line. No really, he even has his own red marker pen.

Sure Bibi wants to continue to drive the Iran debate, to undermine negotiations and to push the U.S. ever closer to a military confrontation. And to keep that “will he — won’t he” guessing game going well into 2013. I still don’t think Netanyahu will do it, for reasons I have outlined in the past, but one part of his UN speech in particular struck me as suited to a man who is awfully detached from reality.

Netanyahu spent a long time outlining his version of the clash of civilizations meme — describing a struggle between Islamist medievalism and Israeli hi-tech modernity. But in so doing he appeared to be either forgetful of or intemperate towards a sizeable chunk of his own governing coalition. [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “Spare a thought for Bibi’s medievalists

  1. Norman

    Seems that the story ends with the continued reading. Oh well, what is needed is a big B-slap on Bibi’s face, enough so, that his brain rattles around in his head like a B-B in a box car. Oh wait, that might be double jeopardy. Or would it?

  2. Donna Bubb

    Bibi’s suffering from a bigtime messiah complex which is far worse than medieval, based
    in ancient myth far, far from the reality of modern times. Bibi the coming messiah who will rule the world with nuclear power?? He seems to think so. Deliver us.

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