Al Jazeera roiled by U.S. manager’s decision to censor Joseph Massad article

Electronic Intifada reports: Days after a top Al Jazeera executive ordered the removal of an op-ed critical of Zionism by Joseph Massad, the article was today restored to the network’s English-language website.

Imad Musa, the head of Al Jazeera English Online, also posted a statement on the Editor’s Blog denying that Al Jazeera had “succumbed to various pressures, and censored its own pages” when it removed the article.

The about-face follows a growing uproar inside and outside Al Jazeera over the article’s removal, amid fears for editorial independence and freedom of speech as the Qatar-based network prepares to launch Al Jazeera America.

Musa’s statement claims that “After publication, many questions arose about the article’s content. In addition, the article was deemed to be similar in argument to Massad’s previous column, ‘Zionism, anti-Semitism and colonialism,’ published on these pages in December.”

However, Musa acknowledges that “We should have handled this better, and we have learned lessons that will enable us to maintain the highest standards of journalistic integrity.”

Massad, who has written for the Al Jazeera English website for two years, welcomed the restoration of his article, but expressed disappointment in Al Jazeera’s statement in a response sent to The Electronic Intifada: [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Al Jazeera roiled by U.S. manager’s decision to censor Joseph Massad article

  1. Norman

    The Pic of Rahm Emanuel & Al Shibabi in the Electronic Intifada extension piece seems to tell the story. I suppose from one perspective, it was good business thought, but on another, well, it was censorship, though I doubt the idea that the American public at large would find it distasteful. In fact, I believe that the tide has turned against doing that sort of thing here in the U.S., as people are getting fed up with the continual Israeli program of bait & switch. Move into the 21st century instead of whining over what happened in the 2nd world war.

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