Upgrading to WordPress

War in Context is in the process of switching over from Blogger to WordPress. The site should be fully operational in a few hours. Please come back later and check out the new features!


Paul Woodward – 7.20 AM Eastern, September 15, 2007

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4 thoughts on “Upgrading to WordPress

  1. Nev Hi

    I prefer the old style by a long margin. However it’s the content rather than style that is more important. Can’t you make the WordPress style the same as Bloggers?

  2. Paul Woodward

    I understand that some readers might prefer the simplicity of the old site, compared to the new one. But I had several reasons for switching over.
    1. Blogger has often been unreliable and as web site operator, I’m uncomfortable being dependent on the corporate behemoth, Google (which operates Blogger).
    2. WordPress (software that bloggers can install on their own server) has much more flexibility than Blogger.
    3. Adding more features and making the site more “content rich” will extend the reach of the site.

    Looking for ways to make the site more popular and useful without spoiling it for those who already liked the way it was, is a balancing act certain not to please everyone. For those of you who find the change troublesome or confusing, I’d simply encourage you to explore the new set-up and as you get used to it, hopefully in the course of time, you’ll grow to like it.

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