NEWS: Israelis favor use of nuclear weapons

Poll: 72% of Israelis back use of nuclear arms in certain circumstances

Some 72 percent of Israelis support the use of nuclear weapons in certain circumstances, according to the results of a Canadian survey released Monday, Army Radio reported.

The number of Israeli respondents in favor of destroying the world’s nuclear arms was lower than any of the six countries questioned in the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies poll, the radio said.

Pollsters said the Israeli response demonstrated that the public is primarily concerned with national defense mechanisms in the face of a threat from a nuclear Iran. [complete article]

Israel submits nuclear trade plan

Israel has pushed a key group of nations engaged in nuclear trade to adopt new guidelines allowing the international transfer of nuclear technology to states that have not signed on to nonproliferation rules, and the move may complicate the Bush administration’s efforts to win an exemption for India to engage in such trade.

Documents outlining Israel’s proposal were distributed to the 45-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) in March and have circulated on Capitol Hill in recent days, just as the administration is pushing to clear the final hurdles blocking a groundbreaking agreement with India. [complete article]

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