NEWS & EDITOR’S COMMENT: The ambiguous missile threat

Administration diverges on missile defense

President Bush said yesterday that a missile defense system is urgently needed in Europe to guard against a possible attack on U.S. allies by Iran, while Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates suggested that the United States could delay activating such a system until there is “definitive proof” of such a threat.

The seemingly contrasting messages came as the Bush administration grappled with continuing Russian protests over Washington’s plan to deploy elements of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe. The Kremlin considers the program a potential threat to its own nuclear deterrent and has sought to play down any threat from Iran. [complete article]

Editor’s Comment — It’s always struck me as odd and transparently contradictory for the Bush administration to push the line that missile defense is essential for protection against Iran and at the same time to assert that Iran will never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. But it now sounds like Gates is trying to inject an element of rationality into the equation — no doubt Bush and Cheney will regard his suggestion — that their policies should be commanded by reason — as an act of subordination.

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One thought on “NEWS & EDITOR’S COMMENT: The ambiguous missile threat

  1. Harry

    whether it was only a passing idle threat or, if Hawaii, Alaska or Southren California is
    no longer on the map, this situation will never be over from this day and time on. North
    Korea has nuclear weapons, it is only a matter of time before Iran has them, if they don’t
    already. And as each year goes by, it seems that more countries are attempting to
    develope their own nuclear weapons…including those countries who sponsor terrorist
    organizations. It’s becoming very clear, to anyone who is willing to see things as they
    are, that this world we live in gets more dangerous as time goes on. If you really want to
    be honest with yourself, consider in your own mind, do you suppose it is only a matter
    of time before a nuclear war breaks loose on this planet? I wouldn’t want to be a
    nonbeliever when it happens. Earlier this year, I made a sincere decission to call upon
    the Lord for forgiviness of the sins in my life, and repented from sin for the remission of
    sins. (No one in this life will ever be perfect…you still try) I’m now 55 years old, and for
    years I fooled myself with the notion that everything will work out fine as it was. If you
    have never became a christian, YOU ARE PLAYING THE FOOL, AS I WAS FOR THE
    ever considered whether you will have advanced warning if your hometown became the
    target for an approaching nuclear missile. Most likely not. Do you think your government
    is willing to panic it’s people who they cannot save anyway? Television shows will
    not be interupted by “special news bulletins”. The Emergancy Broadcast System will
    not air on radio. You’ll hear no air raid sirens. No hysterical people in the streets. There
    will be no mass of people killing and running over each other in a mad rush to get away
    from town as far and as fast as they possibly can. And no one who is not already a
    christian will be making last minute decissions to call upon the Lord…No one will know
    what’s coming. When the initial nuclear flash hits, this life is over in a billointh of a
    second. Those who are not saved will suddenly be in Hell, wondering what happened
    and how they got there so quickly, while the thurmosphere explosion is still scortching
    away the ground where their hometown was only seconds before. If you go to Hell lost,
    and someday stand before God in judgement before you and the rest of Hell are cast
    into the Lake of Fire for eternity, you will remember each time someone spoke to you
    about your spiritual condition…including what you’ve just read.
    Some people believe the Lake of Fire is the molten core of the Earth. Would you bet
    your soul it’s not?

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