OPINION: Is Islamophobia the ticket to the White House?

Rudy and Pat: hate expectations

You have to wonder how the conversation went: Did Rudy begin by convincing Pat that hating Muslims was more important than hating homosexuals? Or did he start by saying that hating Muslims should come before protecting fetuses?

One thing is crystal clear: Rudy knows Republican math. To win Republican primaries, you have to win the hearts of the Religious Right. And Rudy wasn’t going to do that with his life story (multiple marriages, multiple divorces) or his social positions (pro gay rights, pro choice). His only hope was to change the subject. And hating Muslims is a popular topic in Religious Right circles these days.

Here is what Rudy had to say about his new BFF Pat Robertson: “… he has a tremendous amount of insight into what the main issues are and how they should be dealt with.”

The main issue for Rudy is how to exploit the current fear of Muslims into a winning presidential campaign. Pat Robertson will offer his insights on that issue alongside America’s most prominent Islamophobes, including Norman Podhoretz, Peter King and Daniel Pipes. [complete article]

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One thought on “OPINION: Is Islamophobia the ticket to the White House?

  1. Another Way

    Robertson’s recent move to support Giuliani reveals the reality behind the Christian Right- it is war mongering and money making that truly drives the Moral Majority. The corruption of the Bush administration began to unveil that these crusaders are white-washed tombs. Perhaps the divisiveness of the coming elections will finish the job.
    As a committed follower of Jesus (who happens to love his teachings on forgiveness, peacemaking, simplicity and generosity) I believe that the best thing for the cause of Christ is the fall from influence of Robertson and his kind. I don’t want to judge their motives, but I believe it has become evident that they have got it wrong.

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