Another Clinton comeback

Summary – With a ten-point victory in Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton keeps her hopes alive, but the Democratic Party may be paying the price. Heavily outspent by her opponent, Clinton needs to raise money fast to keep her campaign afloat. In Pakistan, a senior ally of Musharraf says Pakistan has been blamed for Nato’s failures in Afghanistan, while UK offers cautious support for new government’s plans for dialogue with tribal militants. UN warns global food crisis is a ‘silent tsunami.’ [complete article]

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One thought on “GLOBAL BRIEFING: April 24

  1. carol Elkins

    Limbaugh: ‘Operation Chaos’ Helped Hillary

    Thursday, April 24, 2008 3:04 PM

    Rush Limbaugh says his “Operation Chaos” played a significant role in helping Hillary Clinton achieve her 10-percentage-point victory in the Pennsylvania primary this week.

    Operation Chaos is the leading radio talk-show host’s campaign to urge his conservative listeners to cross party lines to vote for Hillary Clinton. Limbaugh says the aim is to keep her in the race so she can continue battling Barack Obama and create chaos in the party, thereby aiding the Republicans this November.

    “Were it not for Operation Chaos, Obama could win this by winning the primary process. But he can’t now. Nor can she,” Limbaugh said on Wednesday.

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