EDITORIAL: Rev Jeremiah Wright interview

Bill Moyers interviews Rev Jeremiah Wright

In light of Hillary Clinton’s rebound in Pennsylvania and the flak Barak Obama took in reaction to his injudicious use of the words “bitter” and “cling”, there were surely many of us who felt like this might be the wrong time for Bill Moyers to be giving a platform to Pastor Wright.

But having heard him now it seems to me a crying shame that we could not have heard this interview broadcast on cable and network news the day after ABC News knowingly poisoned the Democratic campaign.

Who in the mainstream media now has the guts and integrity to challenge the Clintons and anyone else who saw political and commercial opportunities in fueling the Wright controversy? Who dares to ask: Having listened to what Jeremiah Wright had to say for himself on Bill Moyers Journal, do you not now regret the part you played in this vilification of this man?

The question won’t be asked because the ignorance of America requires careful and constant lubrication by a press that knows better, yet profits from how little its audience understands. Who wants to present the truth in all its subtlety when debasing the truth is such an easy way to make money?

Don’t just watch this YouTube clip – watch the whole interview (parts one and two) at Bill Moyers Journal.

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4 thoughts on “EDITORIAL: Rev Jeremiah Wright interview

  1. Marissa Miller

    The entire interview (about 50 minutes long) is well worth watching. I gained a newfound respect for Jeremiah Wright. This is an interview that should have been done a long time ago.

  2. mark jackier

    Is there any way the mainstream media will play this entire interview. Obama had nothing to apologize for as this is a thoughtful, caring, insightful man who has been unfairly judged and castigated.

  3. Julie Vikmanis

    Thank you. You have stated my reactions exactly. It is truly sad that after viewing the Moyers interview and googling on “editorial Jeremiah Wright” yours was the first reference I found to this important broadcast–nothing from any of the large, mainstream print media. If the interview had been damning in any way, they’d have been all over the story. Instead, because Dr. Wright presents himself as an intelligent, intellectual even, scholar with a complete philosophy, not as a raving lunatic, we hear nothing.

  4. Anna Mae

    I regret Obama and Rev. Wright were pilloried with sound bites before the rather thoughtful interview was done. The man is soft of voice, even in temperament, and reasonable. I cannot for the life of me understand why the media destroyed him before it heard what he had to say. It’s a dirty shame that happened to him and it occurs to others. When the evil Sean Hannity lets loose on someone, they may be a modern day saint but when he finishes with them he has rendered them useless and hated by all.

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