Playing for Change

Playing for Change

A site that focuses so heavily on so much grim news from around the world needs once in a while to offer some inspiration. Here’s some from Mark Johnson, the creator of Playing for Change, whose goal is to unite people around the world through music — music performed by diverse and widely scattered musicians who listen to each other from afar and play together, their latest offering being a delightful Indian folk song: Chanda Mama

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6 thoughts on “Playing for Change

  1. DE Teodoru

    I too often see humans from the nature induced disease side and from the self induced combat side. I am forgetting that in between there is a brain and a soul that can create or appreicate beauty. Thanks for the reminder in these times of despair.

  2. Marc

    I saw this on Channel 13. As chillingly great and cool is the idea of people in sync in completely different parts of the world, and while perhaps it’s a good thing for young people to get all wired up and connect with those from afar, let us also remember that changing the world begins in our own back yard, in our connection with the people we live with and amongst, the people right next door. At the same time, with ignorance and darkness so in abundance, if we can find through long distance wires and microbytes a chance to reconnect with our divine selves through others, power to such connection and I fully support it.

  3. Neil C

    Thank you Mark for your effort on behalf of all of us. I truly appreciate this movement you have started, and it goes without saying, that the musicians you have connected with have reached deeply into my soul. I think you are onto something here, I really, really do. Again, thanks man.

  4. la.vérité

    Music unites people the way nothing else does. Many thanks.

    ps forwarded this to at least 50+ of my contacts.

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