Brüno’s so-called ‘terrorist’ speaks out

Brüno’s so-called ‘terrorist’ speaks out

Sacha Baron Cohen, who makes low-grade shock comedies such as the moronic Borat, is an unreconstructed zionist. Some friends also find his politics distasteful but acknowledge Cohen’s comedic ‘talents’. I can make no such acknowledgment and have never found his movies or grotesque characters remotely worthwhile, half-way satirical or even genuinely funny.

In his latest, Brüno, he interviews near Bethlehem Palestinian shop-keeper and non-violence activist Ayman Abu Aita, luring him into appearing in the movie under false pretenses.

Ayman Abu Aita tells his side of the story here [VIDEO]. [continued…]

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One thought on “Brüno’s so-called ‘terrorist’ speaks out

  1. joefiasco

    I myself have never considered this guy (Sacha) amusing or talented, I think he is a racist who believes he is on a higher plane than all the people he ridicules.

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