Carter derides racist tone against Obama

Carter derides racist tone against Obama

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Editor’s Comment — The difference between racism in America now and its earlier incarnations is that we now live in a society largely cleansed of racial slurs. Bigotry hides behind a facade of civility. Whenever the facade slips, it can quickly be re-hoisted while those who point an accusatory finger will themselves be accused of prejudice.

What we have failed to recognize is that lack of candor is actually more corrosive than bigotry. Bigotry paraded in the open can be challenged, but bigotry well-tutored in all the lessons of political correctness gets free reign.

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3 thoughts on “Carter derides racist tone against Obama

  1. Jacque Metz

    Your editorial comment was eloquent and right on the mark. I hope you don’t mind, but I quoted it on my blog today, mentioning your website. Keep up the good work!

  2. DE Teodoru

    The racist tone that Cater alludes to may well be an unconscious reverberation between the attempt at asserting maleness by the dysmorhic pear shaped agitators on the Right and their 60s hippy and 70s me-ist audiences feeling Peter Pan-ish rage over their aging. These nebulous emotive cauldrons are led by corporate agitators into fixed sublimation as racial rage against our first black president. If this is so, no amount of MEANINGFUL DIALOGUE or townhall meetings can resolve the dysmorphic gender problem of the leaders and rage at aging of the audiences underlying their hate speech directed at Obama. Only male hormones and tranquilizers, respectively, can quell such rage.

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