One thought on “Luladinejad

  1. Mike 71

    This is old news! The IAEA has already condemned Iran’s refusal to ship uranium abroad for enrichment under international supervision. In light of that, China and Russia are ready to back the proposed U.N. sanctions and it is unlikely that an emerging Brazil is willing to risk its economic growth to breach those sanctions. Everyone, including the Israelis, the Palestinian Authority and Iran are hoping to hitch their economies to a rising Brazilian star, but those connections will not be made if Brazil does not honor the proposed U.N. sanctions. Iran also runs the risk of an Israeli nuclear attack in the near future and the U.S. may have neither the will, nor the influence to prevent it; in the event that occurs, Iran may lose an important part of its industrial base required for Brazilian trade. The next few months will be a perilious time for Iran.

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