Tea Party or Taliban?

Any event that can be described as an act of terrorism will no doubt provoke some level of alarm, but the incendiary device that fizzed in Times Square apparently provoked as much curiosity as fear.

Taj Heniser from Seattle, who couldn’t get to see the show, “Next to Normal,” because 45th St had been blocked, told the New York Times that watching New York’s emergency services deal with the thwarted attack was a different kind of show. “It’s almost the equivalent of a $150 show,” she said.

If Taliban leaders in Pakistan were picking up that kind of response, I think they might have thought twice about claiming responsibility for what has universally been described as an amateurish effort.

Maybe the genius at work here had less interest in learning the finer details of bomb-making than he had in creating what he imagined was going to be a devastating political statement. He dreamed perhaps that he could engineer an Obama “My Pet Goat” moment of incompetence at a time of crisis.

Josh Marshall, along with the rest of the liberal media, was whooping it up at the White House Correspondents Dinner when news of the incendiary event first broke.

“I watched the administration folks to get a sense of how seriously I should be taking it,” Marshall wrote at Talking Points Media.

President Obama did not rush back to the Situation Room in the White House to closely monitor events at the first indication that America could be under attack. Likewise the media saw no reason to interrupt their merrymaking.

So, pretty much everything went according to plan — or so the bomber imagines, perhaps.

Now he’s trying to figure out why America is not reeling in shock and anger having witnessed the complacency of its government and the complicity of the media.

All speculation at this point, but if I was to place a bet on who did this, I’d go with someone whose sympathies are probably more Tea Party than Taliban.

The first lead fits the profile: white male in his 40s.

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  1. It is a little early to speculate on who might be responsible. However, I believe that Mr. Woodward may be correct. Tea Party hate taxes except when it funds the military and war. When supporters of Ron Paul tried to bring attention to the government’s military, they are booed. Real libertarians know that the federal government’s greatest increase in power came as a result of the World Wars I and II. There is a marked increase in “militias.” Gun fanatics are buying weapons and ammo as if Obama was Joe Stalin. There are now shootouts so gun supporters can blast away at targets labeled government. This is being billed as some anti-Obama event. In Pennsylvania, Republican candidate Toomey is supposed to show up at an upcoming event to strut his stuff to gain these people votes against Arlen Specter. Violence seems to be a core element in the Tea Party, and it would not be too far fetched to have one of them place a bomb in NYC to make a point.

  2. Rick Allegheny says

    So, we have the video of a possible white suspect. O.K.

    So, based on the fact that the suspect is white and is middle-aged, he’s part of the tea-party?

    Wow. I definitely see your point. Your logic is flawless, your defense is impregnable… are you the Mike Tyson of yellow journalism?

  3. White male in his forties can be ‘see’ on a U Tube clip.However as Crooks & Liars notes:
    It doesn’t take long –the new spin from the News media “There is growing evidence the bomber did not act alone and had ties to radical elements overseas. A senior unidentified official telling ABC News “there are several individuals believed to be connected with the bombing and that at least one of them is a Pakistani-American who just returned after spending five months there.” While ‘substantial progress’ has been made on this lead officials declined to provide the specifics that led them to believe there were overseas links to a larger plot. Well,OF COURSE….

  4. I’ve seen zero evidence of Tea Partiers causing violence.

    Just as the paranoid control-freak govt. hires “anarchists” to defame legitimate constituencies seeking peaceful solutions to global consolidation of power and wealth into the hands of the few, the Tea Party movement getting the same treatment.

    Everyone should understand that the Tea Party is actually that which Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and the likes of Ross Perot made possible, it’s just been hijacked and set up by the corporatist Republicans for easy bashing by the lobotomized and over-socialized Obamafans.

    :HA HA !!! Drone jokes? What a sick sick sick joke of an excuse for an alternative to Bush.

  5. Amy Van Riper says

    Looks like you just lost that bet, Mr. Woodward. I’ll be waiting for your apology.

    U.S. citizen from Pakistan arrested in Times Square bomb case

  6. Randy Satterfield says

    Wrong again Paul. The efforts of the press and blogosphere to paint Tea Party people as crazy racists backfires. It really was a middle east wacko. Who planted the crappy bomb in NY. Nice Try.

  7. eddie bresllin says

    All speculation at this point, but if I were to place a bet I would guess you’re NOT gonna write an article about wrongly accusing Tea Party protesters of acts of violence when in fact they’ve never committed ONE…. How about writing an article emphasizing the First Amendment and the sanctity of open political discourse? .. How about writing an article pointing out the acts of violence committed in May Day/pro-illegal immigrant protests out west this weekend? Maybe you can point out how you missed the opportunity to jump to conclusions that perhaps the bomber sympathized with those people out west and sought to do his part to create an east coast version of destruction, violence and fire…. Nah, I doubt you’ll do that because that would make you less of a hypocrite and we know that’s impossible.

  8. Are you guys even really watching what is going on. Good grief. There is no way this is a Tea Party deal.

    So you have a white guy as a suspect in the video (he no longer matters apparently to the media). The car is parked perfectly in front of a camera. WOW we are so lucky to have that camera there! The guy changes clothes in front of a camera (Again it was so smart to put that camera there!). The “bomb” is a hodgepodge, was it really going to blow? Or was it to scare? They now have a suspect who is a Paki. Convenient, and he is maybe Taliban. Oh wait now he acted alone. The airlines are told to make sure this Paki guy boards. By who? (Maybe the white guy had the power to tell the airline to allow this) The Paki and two others are removed. The two are removed, processed and cleared. The 2 agents, oops sorry, suspects are freed. They did their job, by making sure this Paki Patsy got on the plane. Now they are off to their next project in the mission to scare America to submission. Fox news morning show spewing how great the video cameras were (talking point). We are so safe because of them. We need more. Since the Christmas bomber worked so well at getting body scanners at airports, this should work fantasically at bringing big brother to every corner like England. Heck they will have you begging for it to protect you from the mean ole Teabaggers or illegals or Republicans or Democrats or Communists or Capitalists. Everyone except the jackals at the FED, or the off shore banking cartel guiding these crooks in our corrupted Government.

    Whoever you are just remember you are an American and there are people in power to make you divided, to see each other as the enemy so they can continue to rape this country of it resources.

  9. D. Warren says

    Paul Woodward = progressive global leftist NUT!