Noam Chomsky interviewed on Israeli TV

“Leading sectors, including the government, are in a mood of paranoia and irrationality which is harming [Israel] very seriously.”

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2 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky interviewed on Israeli TV

  1. BillVZ

    WOW! What a remarkable and wonderful interview. A great opportunity to see and hear Noam not as a lecturer but as himself relaxed and brilliant in dealing with a clever interviewer and her shotgun questioning attempts to shift his responses to her advantage.
    I feel privileged to have had the opportunity( as the interviewer must have also) to witness such an occasion. His presence exceeds his brilliant reputation.

  2. Dag Andersson

    I agree with you Bill. Noam Chomsky is truely a remarkable man. Time and again the poor interviewer tried to derail his train of thought. To no effect whatsoever.
    And he is very convincing in his argument: True friends of Israel will not and should not support illegal actions, neither should they yield to the collective paranoia behind so many of Israel’s transgressions

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