2 thoughts on “Rachel Corrie being towed to Ashdod

  1. Norman Morley

    As a man over 70 years old, I remember the films after W.W. ll, showing the Nazi Concentration camps. Over the ensuing years, the scenes have been repeated, leaving an indelible mark on my psyche. Today, we see the pictures of Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem. The Palestinians, have replaced the Jews, as being the ones who are victims. This is another act by a Government that causes suffering for the majority of the people, because of the few that the aggressor doesn’t like, for what ever reason. The supposedly superior forces of Israel, could, if it wanted to, eliminate the Hamas forces at any given moment. But, apparently then they couldn’t snivel & whine about how oppressed and picked upon they are.

    The potential that exists within the Middle East to become a Powerhouse of commerce, manufacturing, if only peace could be achieved, without the old men & selfish demands of the militants, on both sides, is beyond imagination. Perhaps it would be best served if all the War hawks on both sides were put into an arena to fight it out with their bare hands. Then the rest of the people could get on with their lives in peace, sharing the knowledge together for the betterment of the whole.

  2. Frigga

    Not only the Rachel Corrie ship has been seized (israel can ont even pronoune “Rachel Corrie Ship” because of the her murder by Israel) but all 8 ships with the intention to break the illegal and barbarous siege of Gaza, with medical and construction aid on board. I am really very scared of Israel which has complete contempt of international laws and rules, which are created to protect the civil population in times of war and conflict. Israel is in possession of nuclear power (200 nuclear bombs and its carrier systems) and as such a lawless government, it represents a real threat to humankind. I hope that the responsible governments of the planet will
    stop Israel to harm our humantity.

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