Palestine: A great moral and political cause of our time that unites people across the world

“Palestine has become a great moral and political cause of our time that unites people across the world,” said Seamus Milne, addressing marchers in London on Saturday.

Drowning in their narcissistic self-obsession, this is a reality that completely escapes the comprehension of most Jewish Israelis, most Jews, and most Americans: the issue of Palestine has become a global cause not as an expression of antipathy towards Israel but out of sympathy towards Palestinians. To the extent that this has been turned into a Jewish issue, it has become so because so many Jews refuse to allow it to be seen otherwise.

Israel’s condition of national hysteria within which the existence of the Jewish state is perceived as being in perpetual danger, has become a psychological trap that rules out the possibility of a negotiated settlement to the conflict.

Israel is literally frozen in fear. And compounding that fear is the fact that it is repeatedly confronted by the fearlessness of those who challenge its claims.

To break out of the trap of fear, it is time that Jewish Israelis (and those in the Diaspora who share the same affliction) to ask themselves this question: How can we live in this world with dignity and nobility if we do not rise above our fear?

Never forget, never forgive — what at one time was a visceral expression of self-preservation — has become a crippling self-limitation. As a non-Jew, I cannot pretend to fully know what the trauma of the Holocaust feels like, yet the need for the Jewish people to become healed and liberated from this trauma is surely a worthy and necessary task to be embraced. Without this, the separation between Israel and the rest of the world will only widen and in that widening gap our common sense of humanity will be lost.

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4 thoughts on “Palestine: A great moral and political cause of our time that unites people across the world

  1. Renfro

    The jewish ‘holocaust’ was 65 years ago.

    In the American civil war Americans killed half a million bothers, cousins, Americans…and got over it.

    The problem with the Jews is in that jewish joke Uri told……the jewish mother taking leave of her son who is going to fight for the czar….’don’t exert yourself son, kill a Turk and rest, then kill a Turk and rest……but mother what if a Turk kills me? the son ask..”why would he kill you what have you done to him?”..says Mom.

    They have fatal “exceptionalism”. There is no known cure to date.

  2. Philip Dennany

    The Jews people and the people of the world are made to believe that the holocaust was a real happening on the Jewish people, and our Jewish leaders in various places have made it a crime to denie that it actually happened. I do not say that it did not happen. But, I have searched out and studied that very claim. There is no real evidence to be found that Hitler had any specifical hatrid against the Jewish people. Hitler himself was said to be raised in by his Jewish parents. Very many people from very many places and ethic religious choice were killed, but there is not found any real evidence that any one race or group was singled out for holocaust. Probably Russia suffered the greatest losses of life. Following the war, very many German common people were very rounded up and given degrading treatment and death in detention camps, mostly those people were not even involved in the actual killing war, just farmers and the like, but the allied forses held them accountable for the inhumanity of their leadership. There is simply no real evidence that six million jew were killed in any manner during Hitlers reign. Even one tenth of six million is very too high a number. Perhaps 200. 000? Possible, but that numer could easily qualify as a terrible holocaust as well. And it could very well be a real number of Jewish deaths during WWII. Actually records from Hiters time do show that Hitler worked with a wide range of nationalities locally under his regime, he employed Jews with no noticed special reserved prejudice, just as he did with all of the others. Within his circle of reign he was in fact very popular. Our former President Bush was less liked within his regime than Hitler ever was, and Bush only wrongly caused the slaugher only about a million and a half innocent human beings.

  3. Christopher Hoare

    This gives rise to a great hope that decent people all over the world will reject not only Zionist but many more Western lies. Previous issues have shown the longer the struggle goes on the stronger the ties.
    There could be ample energy generated to sound a death-knell for the US hegemony within a too-Western world power structure and the dictatorship of the financiers. May a hundred flowers bloom.

  4. Frigga

    I think that the fear of the ordinary Israelis is the result of the state propaganda. To be able to kill the palestinians in mass without consequences, the israeli leaders have to produce continuously other devils to be feared (even taken from the past) and the most siutable is of course Hitler. But they have outpaced him since long. That the israelis have to fight unarmed civilians in the whole, or a handful freedom fighters, is the same problem: the leaders have to exaggerate in a hysterical manner the “threat” for the soldiers are disposed to kill unarmed civilians, women and children. This makes the israeli state such a horror state. Let alone the 200 nuclear weapons (not registered in a regular manner) The hysterical behaviour about their neighbors (Irak, Iran, Syria, Libanon) is another terror for all of us. When do they stop destroying? The US leaders have for too long time played the fool. The two houses of congress is another shame of a democratic state. May a million of flowers bloom.

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