US-Israeli relations improve — time to bulldoze Palestinian homes

Since US-Israeli relations are so famously cozy, maybe it’s time to extend the familial metaphor a bit further: Washington is a victim of domestic violence.

Every time the Obama administration reaches out to the Netanyahu government, it gets slapped in the face. Netanyahu has once again been invited to Washington — due to the poorly-time Mavi Marmara massacre he had to bail on a visit planned for early this month. He’s now due for his long-awaited kiss and make up session at the White House on July 6. But true to form, as soon as this was announced, word came from Jerusalem that 22 Palestinian homes are going to be bulldozed to clear space for a tourist center.

Another diplomatic snafu? On the contrary. These unfortunate “coincidences” have become so predictable that it’s hard to interpret them in any other way than as a calculated effort by Israeli officials to humiliate their American counterparts.

Just as some victims of serial abuse collude with their abuser by finding ways to excuse their partner’s violence, Washington’s tolerance of treatment that would be unthinkable coming from any other ally, is perpetually excused when the offending nation is Israel.

Haaretz now reports:

The Jerusalem municipal planning committee approved Monday a contentious plan to raze 22 Palestinian homes to make room for a tourist center that Palestinians fear would tighten Israel’s grip on the city’s contested eastern sector.

Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat has asked the municipal planning committee earlier Monday to give preliminary approval to the plan which affects the neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem, and risks more U.S.-Israeli friction.

Tensions have already been raised in Jerusalem, when conflict erupted during the meeting between committee members and the residents of Silwan. Silwan residents starkly objected to the plan and demanded the committee discuss their alternative plan, which does not include razing homes.

What will the White House say? That this is “unhelpful”? Hillary Clinton has already expressed her “dismay and disappointment.”

Just as the expansion of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land has been relentless, the Israeli assault on Washington perpetually expands the boundaries of impunity. The notion that Israel might go too far in testing the limits of American tolerance is repeatedly invalidated as Washington demonstrates that its diplomatic tool box is equipped with nothing more threatening than the occasional harsh word — and even those are in short supply and never particularly harsh.

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8 thoughts on “US-Israeli relations improve — time to bulldoze Palestinian homes

  1. Christopher Hoare

    Dear, dear, Hillary. Are we looking stupid and powerless again?
    What about arraigning Netanyahu before a congressional inquiry composed of people with cohones — if you can find some — and doing a Tony Hayward on him? What? Israel might object? Big deal — if they want to run Congress they should at least be responsible to it.

  2. Jose

    Ken O’Keefe, a former US Marine about the Israel’s Mavi Marmara massacre: “All I saw in Israel was cowards with guns.”

    Well, Ken, all I see in the USA is cowards with guns (the US military, the militias, the NRA, the armed civilians, etc.)

    What are Americans waiting for to take their country back? Why do you allow Israel to humiliate the US so much and so often, while at the same time bleeds you of your money?

    The land of the brave? Well…

  3. Eleonora

    Well why are we surprised? I just listened to an interview on TV and was truly baffled by the answer as to why these 22 houses (= 75 apartments) have to be razed. Ready? “…because King David used to eat figues in that place”! I guess then some Palestinians living there would desecrate the place?!

    Now is this chuzpah or is this chuzpah?

    to Christopher: unfortunately the people with cojones have long ago died worldwide … did they ever exist?

  4. Christopher Hoare

    Thanks, Eleonora, in my old English education I know more Latin than Spanish. I’ll swap you a spelling for a spelling — really a typo — figs?
    You may well be right, no one dare speak out today. But it seems that creeping political correctness has been a factor in the change — the fear of being seen as contrarious (Canadian & English spelling) stops most politicians from speaking their mind. Anyone who does is ridiculed by all the domesticated monkeys in the media.
    But to the topic; thanks for the post. They really suppose King David wasn’t also the king of the ancestors of the Palestinians? That’s assuming David et al weren’t completely figments of the religious imagination.

  5. Citizen

    Christopher Hoare wrote
    “What about arraigning Netanyahu before a congressional inquiry composed of people with cohones – ..”

    Which universe do you live in? US Congress is the other Israel occupied territory that no one talks about. They serve at the pleasure of Israel.

  6. Eleonora

    Good morning Christopher

    I’m really sorry – by no means did I intend to “correct” your spelling as I’m the first one to make mistakes. If you bother to read my postings you’ll have a hey-day and find out that my first languages were German and French (there comes the “figue” 🙂 and at times the Germanized English)! If I were so petty minded I should not participate in virtual discussions. After all language and the mastering thereof is not the topic … It’s just that I’m joggling between languages and on top of it my English dictionary has all kind of frequently used words added to it which it auto-corrects – so, sorry again. (Try my Latin and you’ll understand why my Prof was pulling his hair …)

    Having said that – “Israeli scientist concluded that 80% of the Palestinians hold the y-chromosome that the original Israelites carried, yet only 15% of the Jewish population in Israel does today”. That’s a comment I read in Haaretz a few days ago, unfortunately no source added. Years ago I’ve read with great interest the book by Illene Beatty, “Arab and Jew in the Land of Canaan” and it seems that the Israeli scientists’ findings are a confirmation of its content.

    “… the fear of being seen as contrarious … stops most politicians from speaking their mind. Anyone who does is ridiculed by all the domesticated monkeys in the media.”

    Being contrarious should be something one should be able to live with as a decent and sincere politician IMO – but one is immediately decried as anti-Semitic and literally finished off. Just take Cynthia McKinney as an example. Or the French Ambassador who dared to speak out at a private gathering in London and was removed from his post the very next day.

    In conclusion: those who have coh(j)ones lead a dangerous life :-).

  7. DICKERSON3870

    Israel is certain to take advantage of the Obama administration’s “window of vulnerability”* in the period leading up to the November elections.
    *to borrow a concept from wacky world of ‘Team B’

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