Taliban hunt Wikileaks outed Afghan informers

Channel 4 News reports:

The Taliban has issued a chilling warning to Afghans, alleged in secret US military files leaked on the internet to have worked as informers for the Nato-led coalition, telling Channel 4 News “US spies” will be hunted down and punished.

Speaking by telephone from an undisclosed location, Zabihullah Mujahid told Channel 4 News that the insurgent group will investigate the named individuals before deciding on their fate.

“We are studying the report,” he said, confirming that the insurgent group already has access to the 92,000 intelligence documents and field reports.

“We knew about the spies and people who collaborate with US forces. We will investigate through our own secret service whether the people mentioned are really spies working for the US. If they are US spies, then we know how to punish them.”

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  1. I’m sure this will become the prime stick to beat down the principle of open accountability by those who have secrets to hide. Even if the Taliban have no means of identifying new informers from the leaks (beyond the identities of those they already know) it is clearly in their interest to make this claim to frighten those who might offer intelligence to NATO. It’s obvious that both parties are on the same side in making use of the leaks for their own purposes.