How to kill gentiles and influence people: Israeli rabbis defend book’s shocking religious defense of killing non-Jews

Max Blumenthal reports:

When I went into the Jewish religious book emporium, Pomeranz, in central Jerusalem to inquire about the availability of a book called Torat Ha’Melech, or the King’s Torah, a commotion immediately ensued. “Are you sure you want it?” the owner, M. Pomeranz, asked me half-jokingly. “The Shabak [Israel’s internal security service] is going to want a word with you if you do.” As customers stopped browsing and began to stare in my direction, Pomeranz pointed to a security camera affixed to a wall. “See that?” he told me. “It goes straight to the Shabak!”

As soon as it was published late last year, Torat Ha’Melech sparked a national uproar. The controversy began when an Israeli tabloid panned the book’s contents as “230 pages on the laws concerning the killing of non-Jews, a kind of guidebook for anyone who ponders the question of if and when it is permissible to take the life of a non-Jew.” According to the book’s author, Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, non-Jews are “uncompassionate by nature” and should be killed in order to “curb their evil inclinations.” “If we kill a gentile who has has violated one of the seven commandments… there is nothing wrong with the murder,” Shapira insisted. Citing Jewish law as his source (or at least a very selective interpretation of it) he declared: “There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”

Meanwhile, Associated Press reports:

An influential Israeli rabbi known for his vitriolic pronouncements against Arabs says Palestinians and their leader should “perish from this world.”

Israel Army Radio quoted Ovadia Yosef Sunday as saying the Palestinians were “evil, bitter enemies of Israel” and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should be struck with a plague. He made the remarks in a Saturday night sermon.

Haaretz adds:

The United States on Sunday condemned remarks by the spiritual leader of Israel’s leading ultra-Orthodox party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who said the Palestinians should “perish”.

“We regret and condemn the inflammatory statements by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef,” U.S. State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley. “These remarks are not only deeply offensive, but incitement such as this hurts the cause of peace.”

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  1. Is this what all the Neo-cons & U.S.Congress members are standing up for? Perhaps someone should take and ask them why we, the people who are non-Jewish should be sacrificed for those nuts over in Israel? This sort of performance is just the same as the bigoted attitudes being stirred up here. The hard liners are really coming out in force now. We can all thank the “O” administration for allowing Bigotry to fester in the U.S.A. The sorry part is that he will wait until after the election before changing the hacks and sh-t disturbers in his inner circle. Is this the legacy he wants?

  2. Ummm, have any of you illiterate insular people read the Old Testament? There are far more that 230 pages of justification for killing goy there. I listened to Michael Medved interview some Paki/Brit apostate that has a book, “What Virgins” lambaste the Islamic tradition. There is NO religious text or tradition that is a repugnant as the OT. The genocide and slaughter of innocents isn’t defended, explained or rationalized, rather the Old Testament is an account of wholesale wanton slaughter. The utter ignorance of Americans of their own tradition/history is deeply troubling.

    We call ourselves a colonized people–WERE THE COLONISTS! We ignore our treatment of Black slaves. I know of 3 instances of mothers killing their children–(there may be others) The Native Americans did it to keep their kids from living under European colonial rule, the black slave mothers did it to protect their children from growing up like chattel, and Muslim mothers, but they tend to go down fighting.

    What I imagine we will see here is more and more felons going berserk. You reduce a man’s life to nothing but slavery, they’ve got nothing to lose. Who can blame them for taking others down with them? The age of explosives makes this far easier.

    Those who don’t know it, should read Black literature. Occasionally slaves would snap, killing their masters, and those who’d oppressed them. These slaves would be boiled in tar or oil, lynched, skinned alive, but it seems to me they simply stood up for their dignity. I’m sure I’m supposed to be outraged, to nod my head in disapproval. But, I can’t help it, maybe it’s my Irish heritage, but as Widespread Panic put it, “It makes sense to me.”

  3. Fillmore Hagan says:

    This hatred for goyim is not limited to Israel.

    A few months ago Chuck Schumer — one of the most pro-Israel Senators — ranted that Gazans should be economically strangled because they did not accept the authority of the Torah and King David.

  4. As for the extremist hate literature and ideas, I just have to say “garbage in, garbage out”.
    One point not otherwise commented on — “As customers stopped browsing and began to stare in my direction, Pomeranz pointed to a security camera affixed to a wall. “See that?” he told me. “It goes straight to the Shabak!”
    The state security apparatus monitors everyone buying books? What democracy is this? Judging by past incidents, I’d suggest that the Shabak is more concerned with the public perceptions than the content of “the King’s Torah”.