2 thoughts on “The Listening Post – The media and the ‘Ground Zero mosque’ story

  1. DE Teodoru

    The real issue in this bruhaha is not the “mosque” but the influx of Muslims into America. Geller is part of the well financed neocons machine that had labeled Obama that “anti-Semite schwartza” (recall the ape shot by cops NYPost cartoon) hoping to revive the race issue as they had been trying to do since Martin Luther King wouldn’t get involved in Soviet Jewry Inc– an attempt to force the Soviet Bloc to “EXPEL” such a giant mass of Jews at once that no country could afford to give them entry. As a result, like the German Jews after the Nazis took over Germany, the Soviet Jews would have no choice where to go but Israel. The idea was to “punish the blacks” so they obey. They didn’t and went with pro-Arab instead, many becoming Muslims. Now the idea is to re-arouse 9/11 so the Dept of State doesn’t dare give visas to all the Iraqis who put their lives in danger helping the American occupation so we owe shelter for humanitarian reasons and gratitude as with the Vietnamese in 1975. Arabs proved to be as united and as prosperous when a Diaspora in the US as the Jews. AIPAC fears that they will become a counterforce influencing Congress. This is not neocons’ first anti-Muslim front group but it is the most desperate in hoping to arouse hate.

    Neocons are old Bolsheviks raise on notion: POLARIZE TO MOBILIZE. No more need be said except that Jewish Ethic does not permit American Jews to join this hate fest. Our Jews will shun these repulsive ex-Reds, no matter how much neocons try to shame Jews into submission by calling them “self-hating Jews.” The more Zionism goes insanely over the edge, the more it loser Diaspora Jews (75% of World Jewry who deem Israel nice place to visit but NOT their homeland). The amoral efforts to entrap Jews in Israel is disgusting but far more dangerous is their attempt to fuel racial and ethnic hate; it can only backfire on the originators, spreading like a wild fire onto the innocent mass majority of Jews with a backlash American Krystalnacht . Jews should stop these psycho scum in the name of all that is holy.

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