US anticipates imminent nuclear test by North Korea

The Chosunilbo reports:

The U.S. Air Force moved a WC-135 Constant Phoenix reconnaissance jet from the U.S. mainland to the Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, in September in preparation for another nuclear test by North Korea, the Sankei Shimbun reported Tuesday.

The WC-135, a modified aircraft, is able to detect nuclear explosions from the air by collecting samples from the atmosphere. It was stationed in Okinawa about a month before North Korea carried out its second nuclear test in May 2009. Apparently the U.S. believes that another nuclear test is imminent after unusual movements were detected at the North’s test site.

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2 thoughts on “US anticipates imminent nuclear test by North Korea

  1. Norman

    So, what is the U.S. Government going to do about it? So far, nothing they have done works. Perhaps the reason is because there is a secret slush fund that the U.S. doles out to North Korea so they will keep tensions going, that way the war mongers can use it as an excuse to keep the military presence about.

  2. seamus o'bannion

    This “nuclear anti-proliferation” nonsense is a farce. If Panama had a nuclear arsenal, would Washington have invaded? Granada? Iraq? Afghanistan? The only way a country can feel safe from US aggression, often frivolous and often pointless, is to have a nuclear deterrent. When DC was worried that India was too far left, it literally GIFTED Pakistan with the bomb. It turned a blind eye to Israel’s nuclear development program and is now considering releasing Pollack.

    Who does DC think it’s kidding?


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