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  1. DE Teodoru

    The Zionist Movement is NOT a Jewish movement, rather it is a racist movement seeking to impose on anyone who happens to be born of a Jewish mother the obligation to come to Israel with all his wealth on his back, surrender it to Israel’s masters and serve their goals for generations to the end of time. IT IS NOT A RELIGION BASED MOVEMENT BUT AN ANTI-RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT. And since JUDAISM is the religion Zionists opposed, it is an “ANTI-SEMITIC” movement, as the Israeli documentary video at the URL below shows:


    Many Jews in academia are religiously Jewish in a rainbow of denominations from Orthodox to Reform. This is inevitable as Judaism took in many converts and consisted of many Jewish populations isolated from each other across the Western and Eastern Worlds.

    As this video shows, the Zionists were MATERIALIST devoid of Jewish education drawn from the secular socialist Left of Europe that advocated a racist nationalist fascism much like that which we experienced in all its horror in Europe over the last century. The two reasons for that are that a) they abandoned the religious morality imposed by Jewish observance for a practice of cynically deceiving, killing and exploiting the “other” on grounds of inherent historical superiority and b) they deemed Judaism– NOT ANTI-SEMITISM– as the reason why Jews were victims throughout history. As a result, a group of men with a terrible inferiority complex about their “mensch-hood” sought to impose a democracy for only the like-minded on all Jews. While they varied in the degree of violent extermination of the non-Jews whose land they sought to occupy, they would impose on the locals an unbearable misery to drive them out or exterminate them. To justify this they relied on a material historical deterministic notion that, while they did not believe in God, they are nevertheless CHOSEN BY HISTORY as superior to the rest of mankind and only when gathered together in one place can they come to dominate the world. In their view, any Jew who does not join them is a parasite and vermin who should be eliminated UNLESS he/she could prove useful to the racial state of the CHOSEN in some other way.

    Many American Jews bear a guilt complex for the self-serving silence of their parents during the Holocaust and an inferiority complex for their non-violent tendencies in an America made of violent pack-thugs of various ethnicities that have forever humiliated them. It is only in 1967 when the illusion of the few Jews beating the many Arabs in the Six Days War gave concrete reality to the concept of the “super-Jew” that many Americans Jews suddenly discovered their racial link to the Super-Mensch and tried to have their cake and eat it too: wealth and well being from America as a land of freedom and mensch-hood by identifying with the “super-Jews” that defeated all the Arab armies.

    The Israelis know that without the Americans Israel dies of inanition as it is economically non-viable. So American Jews are exempt from becoming olims forced on the Great Aliyah so long as they serve the interests of Israel by keeping the umbilical cord through which Israel sucks ~$10 billions/year at the expense of American tax-payers engorged.

    Today, most American Jews realize what Zionazism has become Zionism by seeking lebensraum to populate the ever expanding Israel. Unless all Jews accept their duty to make the “GREAT ALIYAH” and move to Israel, Israel is doomed to demographic dilution as it becomes an ever more thinly populated “Greater Israel.” Furthermore, as Muslims prove more willing to die for their land than Israelis are to die for Israel’s expansion, Israelis are seeking Diasporic national status. Consequently, the Great Aliyah is running backwards as more Israelis are leaving that Diasporic Jews are coming. This has caused Israel to re-invoke the duty of every Jew to abandon his/her Diasporic life and move to Israel.

    American Jews are too accustomed to the freedom, security and well being they enjoy in the USA, especially academics that are tenured for life. Trying to have their cake and eat it too, they seek acceptance by being pro-Israel instead of becoming Israelis. A new guilt complex has infected many Jews at the hand of an Israeli Embassy that tells them that they are trying to get mensch-hood on the cheap at the expense of Israelis. Mass majority of American Jews have turned their backs on this Israeli brass-knuckles approach and have turned to practicing their Jewish faith as pious Americans while turning away from secular Zionism. But others, particularly in academic– where the reputation of effete professors is notorious– are seeking to earn their “mensch-hood” without going to Israel by helping to promote Israeli domination of American policies on all Middle East matters. There is little for them to gain economically from their outspoken pro-Israel positions (except an occasional book) or in any other self-interested way from that. It is all a matter of trying to earn their Israeli-linked “mensch-hood” despite their disdain for Israeli policies.

    At official World Jewry meetings in Israel, Diasporic Jews who criticize Israeli policies are told: “shut up foreigner, go back and tell your country what to do.” But once home, they are contacted by the Israeli Embassy and begged to wield political influence on behalf of the “Jewish Homeland’s interests.”

    And so it goes, a schizoid back and forth based on a fraud: that a Jew who is a Jew because of his faith in Yahweh is both an Israeli and an American who should use his influence in America FOR Israel, the “homeland of the Jews.”

    Since the whole concept is so morally psychotic one cannot expect its practitioners to be intellectually any less psychotic. And then there are the “professional Jews” for whom the Holocaust and Israel are cash cows, as the AIPAC-ROSEN scandal will show. All in all, it is crucial to remember that American Jews are AMERICANS FIRST who are ignorant of how Zionism became Zionazism and who would not think of violating the Jewish religious code of ethics nor America’s national interests. But, because above all they want to do no harm to another Jew, they keep silent in the face of the Zionist cacophony, allowing the mis-impression that the neocons and Zionist-Americans speak for all Jews.

    Prof Boyle, whom I greatly admire for his dedication to justice and peace, should keep in mind that the main reason why so many academic Jews label him an anti-Semite and deny him freedom of speech is because they can without dire consequences to themselves and that is the least they feel they can do to earn their “mensch-hood” in Israeli eyes. But that does not mean that they really believe that or that they support Israeli policies. To know their real views, one must be on intimate terms with Jews; only then would one observe their real devotion to the Jewish Ethic and, FIRST AND FORMOST to THEIR HOMELAND American as well as their outrage at Zionazism. Denying people like Boyle the right to speak is done mostly because it can be done in ways that invoke no consequences, not because Catholic universities uphold Zionazism. After paying almost $3 billion as compensation to alleged victims of priestly pedophilia, it seemed like chump change to pay a couple of $millions to Finkelstein for denying him tenure as an “anti-Semite.” Finkelstein is a Jew, a scholar and the son of Holocaust survivors. But he is NOT a Zionazi so he is denied the right to set foot in Israel. Just imagine what ostracization trauma this would cause to most Jewish academics if cut off from their source of “mensch-hood.” Please do not judge all Jews by Boyle’s examples for to do so is to denigrate the memory Righteous academic Jews who, like the late Prof. Tony Judt at NYU, fought against Zionazism.

    Today millions of American Jews are celebrating Thanksgiving just as glad to be Americans as anyone else. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Lilly Schuler

    I feel incredible despair over the Israel / Palestinian issue and the hideous power of the Israeli Lobby. The same Lobby is working it’s way into Canadian politics – very few politicians will speak out against the daily horror and torment the Palestinians are subjected to by Israelis.

    Years ago, if someone had suggested that Jews control almost everything, I would have scoffed to myself. Today I’m terrified that they might.

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