Is Yossi Melman linking WikiLeaks to Mossad?

In The Independent yesterday, Yossi Melman made an intriguing statement. Melman is the intelligence and military affairs correspondent for Haaretz and generally regarded as well informed on the operations of Mossad. He wrote:

Three events – not seemingly related – took place yesterday. The leaking of State Department documents, many of which deal with the world’s concerns about Iran’s nuclear programme; the mysterious assassination in Tehran of a top Iranian nuclear scientist and the wounding of another, and the appointment of Tamir Pardo as the new head of Mossad, Israel’s foreign espionage agency.

But there’s a link between them. They are part of the endless efforts by the Israeli intelligence community, together with its Western counterparts including Britain’s MI6 and America’s CIA, to sabotage, delay and if possible, to stop Iran from reaching its goal of having its first nuclear bomb.

In the rest of his article he focused on the assassins in Tehran and says that it is “obvious” that “Israel was behind it.” He does not amplify on this part of his opening assertion, namely, that the leaking of State Department cables is part of the effort to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons. However you read it, he seems to be suggesting that WikiLeaks is in some way part of the effort.

Interestingly, a request for a debate on WikiLeaks in the Israeli parliament has been rejected.

The Knesset will not hold a debate on WikiLeaks, despite a request by a number of parliamentarians for a session on leaked U.S. cables that has rocked the diplomatic world.

The Knesset Presidium, the body which regulates plenary debates in Israel’s parliament, turned down a request from a number of members for a session on the consequences of the leaks for national security.

Among the WikiLeaks disclosures were an Israeli plan to coordinate its 2008 invasion of Gaza with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and details of Israel’s covert ties with governments in the United Arab Emirates.

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2 thoughts on “Is Yossi Melman linking WikiLeaks to Mossad?

  1. Vince J

    Noam Chomsky pointed correctly that is not the arb people who wants the US to attack Iran, but dictators experessing the desire to.
    Polls in the arb world shows that the poeple regard the US and Israel as majors threat to peace in the region and that they support a nuclear Iran.

  2. Stuart Tootell

    Sad to say Vince J but you are correct in your assumption.

    Whilst the Arab world according to Israel and America and to a lesser degree the United Kingdom pose a threat to Israel it is noticeable that there has been no aggression from these claimed Arab states.

    The enemies are figments of the imagination conjured up to bolster the finances of the arms industry which indeed is a very profitable industry for Israel and America and the U.K. by the arms industries in those countries.

    Iran is no big threat , again another hostile state scenario to promote yet further world domination by the Americans.

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