Whose side is Obama on?

James Galbraith, speaking at the ADA Education Fund’s Post-election Conference at the Harvard Kennedy School, said:

I want to raise a hard question — a question on which Americans are divided. It seems to me, though, we will get nowhere unless we realize where we are, what has actually happened, and what the future most likely holds.

Recovery begins with realism and there is nothing to be gained by kidding ourselves. On the topics that I know most about, the administration is beyond being a disappointment. It’s beyond inept, unprepared, weak, and ineffective. Four and again two years ago, the people demanded change. As a candidate, the President promised change. In foreign policy and the core economic policies, he delivered continuity instead. That was true on Afghanistan and it was and is true in economic policy, especially in respect to the banks. What we got was George W. Bush’s policies without Bush’s toughness, without his in-your-face refusal to compromise prematurely. Without what he himself calls his understanding that you do not negotiate with yourself.

It’s a measure of where we are, I think, that at a meeting of Americans for Democratic Action, you find me comparing President Obama unfavorably to President George W. Bush.

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5 thoughts on “Whose side is Obama on?

  1. Vince J.

    Only the gullible fell for “CHANGE you can believe in” and continue to fall for a two party system.

  2. Norman

    Truer words that are spoken, at last. The Gennie is out of the bottle. “O”‘s attitude towards the welfare of the country, begs the question; Who’s Welfare”? With all the pork added to this latest give away, it isn’t the public’s welfare. I think the words “inept”, ” ineffective”, “weak”, “unprepared”, should have “disingenuous” & “flimflam” included too. Now, we find out that he smokes too. I wonder what he smokes? What ever it is, it sure is robbing him of his back bone, courage, moral conviction. His back peddling of his campaign promises is really pathetic. The country needs a strong man, with a strong personality, to stand up to those who would tear down what is left of this once proud country. Instead we have a man who is anything but, won’t fight, rolls over like a puppy dog, has made sure that the bigots were right, when they sprout he doesn’t have what it takes to be P.O.T.U.S., doesn’t know how to use the bully pulpit except to nag at his base who he sold out. I could go on, but what’s the use! The only bright thread in this, is that the Country has to put up with his crap for just 2 more years, then someone else will be selected, “O” can go sit on his ass while even his so called friends in high places shun him. History will be very cruel to him & his family. He isn’t going to get 4 more years after 2012 to prove he’s anything but a failure.

  3. Norman

    Oh yes, I forgot one other thing, he should give back or they should take back the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded. He’s not a Peace President, he’s a War Monger President. I wouldn’t be surprised if his “Friends” spirit him off to the Hague and no one rescues him.

  4. Renfro

    One of the most striking things about Obama is his contridictions.
    Not only do his policies contridict most of his sworn campaign promises…now in office ,his policies even contridict each other.

    I have tired to find some mad design in his positions that would make it all come out all right….that doing ‘x’ on taxes (or choose your issue) would make ‘y’ happen if ‘z’ was included….but it never adds up…it’s all over the place, the steps he takes with his policies actually defy common sense if the goal is to put this country back together again.

    Here is what I have imagined in the WH. Obama gets up every day, looks in the mirror and says I am The Bi-Partisian President. Then, because he actually knows so little about foreign policy or economics, he lets his advisors ‘take turns’ deciding his policy positions.

    And because he knew he knew very little, and had no in depth experience or knowledge about the critical issues, he kept and brought in the “old hands”, mostly the people who had contributed to the very fix we are now in….economically and with the Israel problem.

    Many people have disparaged him as being nothing more than the ‘organizer’ he use to be. I think they are probably right. To which I would add he’s just not that smart about all the details of how the real world works, what is necessary to keep the country going in the long term. And even if he knew how, I think he lacks the fortitude and balls to do what would be necessary.
    It appears to me he is just bidding his time being The Bi-Partisian President till he’s out and can take up the ex President talk circut and write his Presidential book.

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