The campaign to demonize WikiLeaks

Glenn Greenwald writes:

It’s really not an overstatement to say that WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are the new Iraqi WMDs because the government and establishment media are jointly manufacturing and disseminating an endless stream of fear-mongering falsehoods designed to depict them as scary villains threatening the security of The American People and who must therefore be stopped at any cost. So often, the government/media claims made in service of this goal are outright false, which is why I have focused so much on the un-killable, outright lie that WikiLeaks indiscriminately dumped 250,000 diplomatic cables without regard to the consequences (on Thursday, The New York Times, in its article on Assange’s release from prison, re-printed the lie by referencing “Mr. Assange’s role in the publication of some 250,000 American diplomatic documents” only to delete it without any indication of a correction in the final version of the article, while the always-conventional-wisdom-spouting Dana Milbank in The Washington Post — in the course of condemning “the absurd secrecy of the Obama administration, in some ways worse than that of George W. Bush” — today wrote of “Assange’s indiscriminate dump of American government secrets over the last several months – with hardly a care for who might be hurt or what public good was served”).

But this new example from Joe Biden is extraordinary, and reveals how government officials are willing to say absolutely anything — even things they know are false — to demonize WikiLeaks.

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3 thoughts on “The campaign to demonize WikiLeaks

  1. Vince J.

    The Obama administration CAN demonize whomever they want. Say wharever they FEAR. Come up with whatever LIE they have…
    The problem resides in the fact that no one with two functioning critical brain cells BELIEVE a word they vomit.

  2. Vince J.

    The numbers of US-led occupying thugs in 2010 hits 700!!!!!


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