Peter King: ‘I’m willing to’ be called a bigot if that’s what it takes to target Muslim community

ThinkProgress reports:

The Islamophobia gripping the U.S. grows more entrenched by the day. Once confined to the far right, more and more pundits, power-brokers, and politicians are bringing it into mainstream. Apparently unsatisfied with dragging Muslims through the mud, Rep. Pete King (R-NY) is now committed to dragging them before Congress. Elected Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee earlier this month, King penned an Newsday op-ed yesterday listing the investigation of “radicalization of the American Muslim community and homegrown terrorism” as a top priority. ” “I will do all I can to break down the wall of political correctness and drive the public debate on Islamic radicalization,” he said.

Civil rights, Constitutional, and sanity advocates have criticized King for repeatedly vilifying the entire Muslim community as obstacles to security. “We are disturbed that this representative who is in a leadership position does not have the understanding and knowledge of what the realities are on the ground,” the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s legal director Abed Ayoub said, adding that Mr. King’s proposal “has bigoted intentions.” But rather than consider, address, or even refute the charge, King embraced it yesterday. Lambasting the Muslim community for its supposed refusal to help expose homegrown terrorism, King told Fox News’ Jaime Colby that if targeting all Muslims makes him a bigot, then “I’m willing to take that hit if I have to.”

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4 thoughts on “Peter King: ‘I’m willing to’ be called a bigot if that’s what it takes to target Muslim community

  1. Norman

    So, unless he’s hidden it, he has no Military experience, yet is a pro military advocate! He is a Lawyer though. Which seems to say it all. His mouthing about Muslims, is just more of the B.S. that the “just say no” crowd of Republican garbage. Instead of working towards rebuilding the country, all the Republicans can think about seems to be their hurt feelings, screw the P.O.T.U.S., the hell with the all the people who have lost their jobs, lost their homes, are prayed upon by the Wall Street Gang, give away the store to the money people! I could go on, but, I think the wh0le congress should be indited with the R.I.C.O. act. But that would take a strong D.O.J., F.B.I., P.O.T.U.S., which the U.S.A. has none. King wants to wast the next two years, as do all those sycophants in the Republican party doing their best to tear the country apart further then it is. Yippee, is the rallying cry of the right, as they hand the remnants of the once great U.S.A. to the children & grandchildren, here’s a present for you from the Republican party! Personally, I hope the hell that these same corrupt idiots are still alive and kicking when the pitchforks are brought to bear.

  2. Renfro

    So in corner one ladies and gentlemen we have King who is willing to be called a bigot to get rid of the Muslims….and in corner two ladies and gentlemen we have his opponent who is willing to be called an anti semite to get rid of the Jews….said the American referee.

    Eh……all those who started this may wish in the end they never had.

  3. omop

    Peter King stands out as a symbol of what Rabbi Yosef called in an interview with the Jerusalem Post about the “gentiles they are donkeys and are created to serve the jews”.

    The bigoted “donkey” also sides with: -Kosovo organ donor ring: the Israeli connection
    Most international trafficking rings have involved wealthy Israeli patients on ‘transplant tours’, Friday 17 December 2010 19.50 GMT
    Article history

    The Israeli market for donor livers has been well-documented. Photograph: Ben Edwards/Getty
    It is fitting that the man described as the “fixer” in Kosovo’s alleged organ ring was an Israeli of Turkish descent. Moshe Harel, a fugitive wanted by Interpol in connection with the case, is accused of matching potential donors recruited in Turkey with recipients, many if not all of whom had connections with Israel.

    The Israeli market for donor livers has been well-documented, and most international trafficking rings have involved wealthy Israeli patients on so-called “transplant tours”. Organ donation in Israel is low due to concerns in the Orthodox community about the body after death.

    Until recently, experts said, Israeli citizens were able to claim partial subsidies from health providers when receiving transplants abroad. The loophole is said to have been recently closed after international pressure.

    Only 10% of Israeli adults hold donor cards, compared with more than 30% in most western countries. Israel has launched a scheme in an attempt to increase donor rates, meaning card carriers have the right to priority treatment should they require a transplant.

    Last monththe recipients of organs illegally tranplanted in a private hospital in South Africa were described as Israelis. The donors – said to have included children – were Brazilians and Romanians paid $6,000 (£3,869) for a kidney. Netcare of South Africa, which also runs hospitals in Britain, admitted in court to receiving R3.8m (£342,000) from an illegal organ trafficking syndicate.

    Those organ traffickers must give Peter King kilo bucjs,

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