The racist wave overflowing Israel

Ynet reports:

After a rabbis’ letter instructing Jews to not sell or rent apartments to Arabs, racist behavior reaches new low: An organization called Jews for a Jewish Bat Yam is expected to protest on Monday against the “assimilation of young Jewish women with Arabs living in the city or in nearby Jaffa.”
During the past week, posters have been hung around the city calling residents to come out and protest. Some of the posters explain: “I will not allow them to hit on my sister! What would you do if an Arab hit on your sister? Put an end to it! Recently we have learned of a grave phenomenon: Hundreds of girls from Bat Yam and the center get together with Arabs, they are integrated amongst us, their confidence rising. Put an end to it! Lower their confidence!”

Another poster reads: “Keeping Bat Yam Jewish. Arabs are taking over Bat Yam, buying and renting apartments from Jews, taking and ruining Bat Yam girls! Around 15,000 Jewish girls have been taken to villages! Jews, come on, let’s win!”

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One thought on “The racist wave overflowing Israel

  1. Norman

    I wonder, do they chant “Sieg Heil” too? How low the Israeli leaders have sunk. They have brainwashed the youth into behaving the same way the NAZI”S did. Wake up U.S.A. It’s not worth pretending that Israel is what/who they say they are. This bigoted attitude seems to rear its ugly head someplace in the world on a continuous basis, yet the world stands by and allows it to happen. When is enough enough?

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