FBI delivers subpoenas to four more anti-war, solidarity activists as U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald expands witch hunt

A press release from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression says:

The FBI came unannounced to knock on doors at two apartments in Chicago this morning. FBI agent Robert Parker, under orders from U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s office, delivered a subpoena to Maureen Murphy. Murphy, like several other individuals served subpoenas, is an organizer with the Palestine Solidarity Group-Chicago.

This continues the repression unleashed by Fitzgerald on the anti-war movement since September 24th, when fourteen subpoenas were delivered to anti-war, labor, and solidarity activists in coordinated raids involving more than 70 federal agents. Armed FBI agents raided homes, taking computers, phones, passports, documents, notebooks, and even children’s artwork. A total of 23 subpoenas have been served to activists around the country.

Maureen Murphy said, “Along with several others, I am being summoned to appear before the Grand Jury on Tuesday, January 25th, in the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago. We are being targeted for the work we do to end U.S. funding of the Israeli occupation, ending the war in Afghanistan and ending the occupation of Iraq. What is at stake for all of us is our right to dissent and organize to change harmful US foreign policy.” Ms. Murphy is also the Managing Editor of the widely-read website, The Electronic Intifada.

In addition, three women in Minneapolis – Tracy Molm, Anh Pham, and Sara Martin – are threatened with reactivated subpoenas by Fitzgerald’s office and new Grand Jury dates. Tom Burke of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression explained, “It is likely the three individuals, like all the others so far, will continue to refuse to take part in Fitzgerald’s witch hunt. Fitzgerald can then call for putting them in jail as long as he wants.”

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2 thoughts on “FBI delivers subpoenas to four more anti-war, solidarity activists as U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald expands witch hunt

  1. Vince J.

    Someone must tell them that the WH, the Pentagon are a safe heaven for terrorists and terrorism.

    Here a some name of notorious criminals who are still on the loose in the US:

    The Bush family/Obama/Chenney/Rove/Rice/Gates/Feith/Perle/Yoo/Bybee/Wolfowitz/Clinton family/Madeline Albright/Rumsfeld/

    To name a few… I’m sure this is plenty of work for the FBI to persue.

  2. seamus o'bannion

    Go get’m, Vince! With all the dangerous war criminals at large in the US, I’m surprised (not really) that 911 Truth isn’t getting more media attention. The elevators had been under repair for months prior to 9/11, and Marvin Bush’s firm was head of security. And I’ve not seen anywhere mentioned that when Rudolph Giuliani was Mayor of New York, he had a command and control center installed in Tower 7, the third building that was brought down in a controlled demolition; we have video testimony of one of the lessees of that building saying that he discussed the situation with some official or other and they had agreed to “pull” the tower, meaning to take it down with a controlled demolition. The existence of the command and control center would explain why it too had to be destroyed – the two towers that had been struck by planes and mined had to be brought down at the right time. Building 7 would have been the perfect place from which to do that. This should have been front page news since the private investigations first began.


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