2 thoughts on “Julian Assange interviewed by David Frost

  1. BillVZ

    The David Frost interview with Julian Assange was by far the best and most informative that has been shown on the net . In part due to the intelligent handling of it by David Frost. I have watched it twice and marvel at Assange’s replies and his position for them. In my mind I can see why the U.S. government and the Obama Administration wants to get a hold of him and attempt to discredit and more importantly ‘bring him down’personally. .it has nothing to do with laws and espionage. Those who view the interview, before it is shut down, (YouTube –already can’t find it on several sites) can see why the U.S. has such a stance about him from Assange’s own words.

    Also in regards to the ‘sexual assault’ piece in the previous posting :
    -Women accusing a person of sexual assault deserve to be taken seriously- no one can question that reality.
    However, whether the two women in this instance, given the trash blabber already rumored, is questionable. The issue has been presented, debated to no end by any number of bloggers like the blogger in the previous post,who have used this to step up and be heard as defenders of …….what? Where does the intimate details of each incidence come from and who is embellishing it as each new detail is revealed. I am surprised War in context made such a posting that only continues to fan the smoldering coals of a what seems to be mere gossip.

    Again, in the interview Assange answers questions about the allegations of two women so smartly and even compassionately-instead of lashing out about them- he is hesitant to blame his two accusers, suggesting they may have been bamboozled and could be innocently caught up in a greater political scheme.
    This is one admirable and unique man.

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