New Mossad chief to apologise for use of UK passports in Dubai killing

The Daily Telegraph reports:

The new head of Israel’s secret service, Mossad, is ready to apologise for the use of forged British passports during the assassination of a leading Hamas militant in Dubai.

Tamir Pardo, who took over as Mossad’s chief earlier this month, will also promise that Israeli agents will never again be allowed to use fake British documents during operations abroad.

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6 thoughts on “New Mossad chief to apologise for use of UK passports in Dubai killing

  1. Norman

    Is what I read, a conformation that the Israeli’s admit killing the Hamas member in Dubai? The bigger “Q” is whether the perps who pulled off the deed, including the ones who originated & approved it, are brought before the bar? If that happens, then perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel may indeed be real.

  2. DE Teodoru

    Now you can get away with murder by apologizing? Or is that just another case of Zionazi exceptionalism?

  3. Ian Arbuckle

    I guess they will now use Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay passports next time, or those of any other country that goes against Israel and its illegal colonial violence and recognizes a Palestinian state on the basis of the 67 borders. I can see that they may be looking to the UK for decisive support of their Zionist colonial project as the movement to recognize Palestine gains traction in many EU states.

    An apology is worth nothing, if it is only made because they get caught but have no intention to refrain from the same crimes in the future, even if using different means. Unfortunately, I cannot see Mossad, and for that mater the Zionist state of Israel as a whole, change their reliance on lies and deception as the bedrock of their foundation. They have been thoroughly indoctrinated and conditioned accordingly, in a way similar to the people of north Korea, to see anything outside their tribe as a threat against which any means are morally acceptable.

  4. Andrew

    They have done it before, and promised not to do it again. It’s a charade for public consumption. Look at how the Israelis handled the murder of a British citizen (cameraman) in Gaza – stonewalling, lies, minimal punishment, just like the handling of the Rachel Corrie killing, the Mavi Marmara episode, Gaza daily. They don’t give a flying fsck about any other people.

  5. dickerson3870

    RICHARD SILVERSTEIN, Tikun Olam, 12/26/10: “…Yesterday, I reported that incoming Mossad director Tamir Pardo was prepared to concede Israeli responsibility for the Dubai hit. To any who might view this as an Israeli official seeking to take responsibility for Israeli misdeeds or some such…Wikileaks is rumored to be about to publish cables in which the lid is blown on Mossad involvement. So it’s no skin off Pardo’s back if he admits to a crime which was about to be exposed anyway by others.”
    SOURCE –

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