3 thoughts on “O little town of Bethlehem

  1. Observer

    “Jesus was Palestinian and why it matters”

    Personally, I don’t see any value at all in saying Jesus was a Palestinian — ok, I can see the symbolic value in saying so, just as Malcolm X in his speeches often used to claim Jesus as ‘one of his own’ and asserted that Jesus, were he alive, would be down in the rat infested police riddent Harlem ghettos with the strugglers — and not in the affluent white churches and suburbs.

    But, unless we are trained theologians, how can we possibly know what ethnicitiy or tribal afiliation Jesus had?

    Do we know what tribal affiliation we had, two or three thousand years ago? Did we ‘side with’ Celtic warriors — or Saxon or Norman or Scandinavian invaders? Did we ‘side with’ Shephardim or Ashkenazim identities?

    I don’t see much real value in asserting Jesus was a Palestinian,beyond the obvious symbolic meanings, which are, admittedly, deep.

  2. JahYouth

    Good point Observer, but — as you surely noticed, the power of the example of Jesus as a Palestinian is surely — symbolic, and that has some real value to it. And it is not only symbolic, but also, literal in being faithful to what Jesus taught and lived.

    If Jesus was in Gaza, or West Bank, or Bilin, he’d be with the burdened and the strugglers — not with Netanyahu and Libermann and Rabbi Ovadiah , or the Lubavitch Rabbis or the settlers that’s for sure. Jesus would probably be one of the downtrodden and scorned that the Rabbis refused their people to rent an appt to.

    Actially, he’d probably be in a cell or dead.

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