One thought on “WikiLeaks and Tunisia

  1. Norman

    Interesting interview. As these WikiLeaks continue to come to light, I can’t help but wonder how a low on the totem pole enlisted Army person could amass all the information that seems to be out there, without being detected? If the security within the U.S.Government is this lax, then it’s time to pull the plug, pick up the toys, then come home, let the rest of the World blow itself up, if that’s what they want to do. Is this more of the let’s embarrass “O”? I also wonder, considering the times noted in some of these so called memos, whether they were amassed over a period of perhaps years? One thing seems certain, the security control in the U.S.Government stinks. Of course, like Abu Greab, the little peons are the ones who take the fall.

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