Blackwater founder backs mercenary crusade in Somalia

The New York Times reports:

Erik Prince, the founder of the international security giant Blackwater Worldwide, is backing an effort by a controversial South African mercenary firm to insert itself into Somalia’s bloody civil war by protecting government leaders, training Somali troops, and battling pirates and Islamic militants there, according to American and Western officials.

The disclosure comes as Mr. Prince sells off his interest in the company he built into a behemoth with billions of dollars in American government contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, work that mired him in lawsuits and investigations amid reports of reckless behavior by his operatives, including causing the deaths of civilians in Iraq. His efforts to wade into the chaos of Somalia appear to be Mr. Prince’s latest endeavor to remain at the center of a campaign against Islamic radicalism in some of the world’s most war-ravaged corners.

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2 thoughts on “Blackwater founder backs mercenary crusade in Somalia

  1. richard01

    Erik Prince is not the sort of man who’s going to fight a crusade in Somalia all on his ownsome. So who’s payimg him? (Round up all the usual suspects)

  2. Frigga Karl

    When “US international security firms” are a save harbor for frustrated gun men in nostalgia of the wild west cowboy era or retired high profil warriors still in need of war actions, then those firms should be closed by law, because it adds to the whole american war culture : kill, kill, kill. This is what the USA is doing with its sophisticated war machines . Playing war is a national entertainment in the USA, but the shooting must be far away from the continent and hopely no americans should be killed. Since 1990 along with the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the USA went quickly again to war , at first for the oilfields in Iraq (oil is needed for more wars) then other wars against somebody else (a reason for the attack is found immediately) and then again Iraq by taking the rest of the oil and the final destruction of what was left of the country. Blackwater helped in the killings of iraqi people. A private firm has less responsibility with the killings. These corporated killer enterprises are the new monsters created by the government/military industries/security and oil people in bed with each other for the domination of the world.
    These people are by nature criminals because war is a big crime. The suffering of the millions of victims of war is indescribable! We do not need this “security staff” if we were not to steal other nations wealth! The USA has transformed the planet into a killer society! Let’s count the vietnamese victims, Korea victims and so on , and so on, by millions ! Still today babies are born in Vietnam with deseases caused by the 80 millions liters of orange agent. In Iraq for hundreds of years to come babies will be born malformed and disabled caused by depleted uranium.
    Thank you for this legacy!

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