Egyptians defy the curfew

Whatever illusions Hosni Mubarak might have had about the uprising diminishing in strength, the scenes in Egypt right now in defiance of a curfew that was supposed to take force almost an hour ago, demonstrate that the power of the people is indomitable.

(Screen grab from Al Jazeera taken at 9.40 US Eastern.)

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2 thoughts on “Egyptians defy the curfew

  1. Colm O' Toole

    Al Jazeera reporting that more people on the streets today than Yesterday.

    Also Breaking News after 30 years in power Mubarak has just appointed his first Vice President. Omar Sulyaman the Intelligence chief appointed Vice President. As Angry Arab reports Sulyaman would be loyal to the status quo regarding America and Israel.

  2. Norman

    Nothing will change until Mubarak is gone, an interim government put in place, then free elections, the sooner the better, before real violence & looting take place, the police & their stooges wreck havoc in the cities.

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