Egypt: impunity for torture fuels days of rage

Human Rights Watch reports:

Torture is an endemic problem in Egypt and ending police abuse has been a driving element behind the massive popular demonstrations that swept Egypt over the past week, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Prosecuting torture and ending the emergency laws that enable a culture of impunity for the security forces should be a priority for the Egyptian government, Human Rights Watch said.

The 95-page report, “‘Work on Him Until He Confesses’: Impunity for Torture in Egypt,” documents how President Hosni Mubarak’s government implicitly condones police abuse by failing to ensure that law enforcement officials accused of torture are investigated and criminally prosecuted, leaving victims without a remedy.
“Egyptians deserve a clean break from the incredibly entrenched practice of torture,” said Joe Stork, deputy director of the Middle East and North Africa Division at Human Rights Watch. “The Egyptian government’s foul record on this issue is a huge part of what is still bringing crowds onto the streets today.”

The case of Khaled Said, a 28-year-old man beaten to death by two undercover police officers on an Alexandria street in June, dominated headlines and set off demonstrations across the country. The local prosecutor initially closed an investigation and ordered Said’s burial, but escalating public protests prompted the Public Prosecutor to reopen the investigation and refer it to court. “We Are All Khaled Said” is the name of the Facebook group that helped initiate the mass demonstrations on January 25, 2011.

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One thought on “Egypt: impunity for torture fuels days of rage

  1. Norman

    So this is what the U.S. has backed? A tyrant who tortures his own countrymen. Another feather in the cap of American diplomacy. I should say at this point, it’s the Government of the U.S., it’s leaders, who are responsible, not the common people, who truth be known, are just as exploited by their own politicians, police, courts, thugs, business elites. The ordinary citizen, same as in every country on earth, are the ones who suffer, so shall those of the U.S.

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