A chanted revolution

Much has been made of the role of the internet and social media in the revolutions in Tunisia and Egpyt, but even more potent has been the human voice, unmediated, led in chants.

This video, posted on January 15, was taken at a protest by political opposition activists and citizens at the Press Syndicate in down town, Cairo. The most prominent chant was “revolution revolution until victory, revolution in Tunisia, and revolution in Egypt!”

Philip Rizk, describing the following video, writes: “Following Friday prayers on January 28 we joined protesters marching through the streets of Imbaba in Cairo, Egypt. The crowd of 100 that we joined kept increasing and continuously joined with other marches in the same quarter North West of downtown Cairo. By about 1pm the protesters numbered around 15,000 marching towards Galaa Square and attempting to get across the Nile to Tahrir Square, downtown Cairo.”

In a video posted on YouTube yesterday, protesters chanted: “Hosni has gone mad. Condoleeza, Condoleeza, find Mubarak a visa.”

“Oh Mubarak get lost. Let the nation see the light.”

Girl leading chants at Tahrir Square:

Boy leading chants:

“We’ll come tomorrow, and bring our friends! The day after that we’ll bring our neighbors.”

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One thought on “A chanted revolution

  1. Paloma

    Very nice rythm, real music coming from the street! The children are our rythm makers!
    this is the best sound I ever heard, because it’s life and hope and people’s energy! What can be better than that, in music! I am sure it goes to the stars! Some rare people have this intuition: J.F. Kennedy : “I know there is a god and there is a storm coming, if he gives me a place I think I am ready for it.” (about nuclear storm). No wonder that he was killed. Let’s have a look to the industrial military complex and the CIA! These are the real dark forces we are facing and the 11th of September is just their brand mark. There will be still a lot of people be killed for this brand mark.

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