Hezbollah backs Egypt protests

Al Jazeera reports:

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, has said that protesters calling for the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, are changing the region with their battle for “Arab dignity”.

In his first comments since unrest began in Egypt almost two weeks ago, Nasrallah said on Monday that his Shia movement did not intend to intervene in the “internal business” of protesters, or to influence their decisions.

“Your movement will entirely change the face of our region for the interest of its own people,” Nasrallah said in a televised address to a Beirut conference held in support of the Egyptian protests.

“You are going through the battle of Arab dignity, restoring the dignity of Arab people.”

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3 thoughts on “Hezbollah backs Egypt protests

  1. scott

    I’ve become a fan of Nasrallah. He achieves more by being direct, and not using his sticks except when absolutely provoked. I remember a time when the US had that reputation. Don’t know if it was ever true, but that was something that we could really sell across the globe. Our political environment is so idiotic, such knee-jerk non-sense, I don’t know if we’d allow our leaders to make prudent policy. The special interests would skewer the politician and the policy. We aren’t smart enough to protect our money what on Earth thinks we can, as a demos push foreign policy. We’re screwed!

  2. scott

    Actually, maybe then I can achieve a dream, visit a peaceful Lebanon. It seems that is the most dynamic and diverse place in the world. Actually, London or most of America’s, the West’s, the World’s largest cities are all incredibly diverse, and more so by some metrics, but Lebanon has done this longer than anywhere else on the planet, if our sciences are accurate. I would love to see true democracy tried there, though it could be a volatile mixture. This Israel and this America won’t allow that to happen if they can, but both of those may well soon be passing into the pages of history. This should be a net good for the majority of the denizens of Israel and the US, but they will resist it with all might propaganda can propagate. After all, what was the big difference for the average Byzantine versus the average Roman? The official historians seem to prefer the mighty empire, but they seldom record the plight of the average guy, that’s not who commissions the narrative.

  3. Norman

    There is one question that is still unanswered, that being these isn’t an army large enough to contain all the people in the world. I also wouldn’t bet that all those “other” nukes are safely tucked away either. The uncertainty is growing larger with each day. As the questions mount as to why this wasn’t foretold or seen, i.e., the uprising/revolutions in the M.E. by the trillion dollar government snoops, makes clear that, the shadow behind the curtain, hasn’t got all its ducks in a row either. Everything is unfolding to fast today, so unless there is a total shutdown of every communication outlet throughout the World, then these plans are going to start unraveling, sooner than later in a most rapid manner. One may think he’s on top today, but can find himself thrown under the bus by nightfall.

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