Egypt’s army dissolves parliament

Al Jazeera reports:

Egypt’s military has dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution, two days after Hosni Mubarak, the long-serving president, stepped down in the wake of a popular uprising.

The country’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces announced on Sunday that it would remain in charge of the country for six months until a new government is formed.

The military council announced the move in a statement on state television, adding that it would form a panel to amend the constitution before submitting the changes to a popular referendum.

The announcement came shortly after Egypt’s prime minister announced that the cabinet appointed by Mubarak shortly before he stepped down, would stay in place.

Ahmed Shafiq, speaking after his first cabinet meeting since Mubarak left on Friday, said Egypt’s caretaker government will remain for the country’s transition towards democracy.

He said that security would remain a priority and pledged to fight corruption and restore peace in the country, following 18 days of pro-democracy protests.

“The first priority for this government is to restore security and to facilitate daily life for its citizens,” he said. “I guarantee that this [cabinet] will return rights to the people and fight corruption.”

Military in charge

Al Jazeera’s James Bays, reporting from Cairo, said the two announcements do not indicate that the prime minister and military council are talking against each other.

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But it is “quite clear that the power now rests entirely” with the military council, he said.

“They’ve taken on the role of the presidency and the prime minister and the other ministers carry out their orders.

“The key point is the military is saying they are only in power for a temporary basis, for six months or they’ll go earlier if elections are called before six months.

But our correspondent noted that “one thing that wasn’t in that communique that protesters have asked for, was the repeal of emergency laws”.

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2 thoughts on “Egypt’s army dissolves parliament

  1. Norman

    Perhaps if the people follow through with their Friday after prayers mass gatherings again until the wanted changes are put in place, then the Army will keep their pledge to a peaceful turnover. This would show the Army that the Egyptian people remain focused, will not be lulled into false hopes, only to be fooled again.

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