US-Israeli interdependence?

Associated Press reports:

The top U.S. military officer says the relationship between the American and Israeli militaries is especially relevant while Mideast nations are steeped in unrest.

Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, discussed the instability in Egypt with Israeli President Shimon Peres on Monday. He said the American-Israeli alliance is “something we both depend on.”

As the recipient of $3 billion in military aid annually, it’s clear how Israel is dependent on the United States, but much less clear how the dependence is mutual. Perhaps Mullen had personal dependence in mind, given that his principal adviser, Dr Lani Kass, grew up in Israel and was a major in the IDF.

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2 thoughts on “US-Israeli interdependence?

  1. pabelmont

    Who can guess the intricate “INTERDEPENDENCES” within the USA’s (and Israel’s and who else’s ??) military-mercenary-intelligence-privatised-industrial-congressional-media-university-thinktank complex? Eisenhower never guessed how big it would get! Maybe ORWELL?

    My guess is that the whole thing is VERY interdependent as a scheme for enriching the war-profiteers (all of them I named) at the expense of the American taxpayer (or, as taxes seem to be a no-no, of those who lend to the USA so copiously). But it can in no way whatever be confused with a scheme (or plan) for defending the USA from enemies. even tho it can sometimes be seen as a means for the USA to manufacture enemies by mistreating those in the world who are not kow-towing to this mammoth scheme-of-empire.

  2. Christopher Hoare

    So Mullen was sent to Israel to kiss asses? A society that has to send the military commanders on what are essentially diplomatic missions signals its inherent corruption. What did Washington learn from seeing the discomfiture of the Egyptian military dictatorship? Nothing?

    A standing army (and its more expensive appendages) is always a threat to the people of a free and democratic society (or to those who fancy themselves in one). The profession of murder is not one to be proud of, no matter what humbug is built up to disguise it. Having military leaders in charge of anything but their own barracks is (as we are unfortunately about to see in Egypt) a recipe for social disaster.

    The US has made its own bed with the military industrial complex — I hope everyone sleeps well between the lumps.

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