Gaddafi hired Prince of Darkness as his image consultant

Does being known as the Prince of Darkness lower or raise your status as an image consultant? I guess it just depends on the client. Laura Rozen reports:

One of the more unlikely image-mongers that has worked to burnish Qadhafi’s and Libya’s image never registered with the Justice Department. Prominent neoconservative Richard Perle, the former Reagan-era Defense Department official and George W. Bush-era chairman of the Defense Policy Board, traveled to Libya twice in 2006 to meet with Qadhafi, and afterward briefed Vice President Dick Cheney on his visits, according to documents released by a Libyan opposition group in 2009.

Perle traveled to Libya as a paid adviser to the Monitor Group, a prestigious Boston-based consulting firm with close ties to leading professors at the Harvard Business School. The firm named Perle a senior adviser in 2006.

The Monitor Group described Perle’s travel to Libya and the recruitment of several other prominent thinkers and former officials to burnish Libya’s and Qadhafi’s image in a series of documents obtained and released by a Libyan opposition group, the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition, in 2009.

The Monitor Group did not return phone calls left at its Boston offices Monday. But Monitor describes, in a series of documents published by the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition in 2009, an “action plan” to “introduce and bring to Libya a meticulously selected group of independent and objective experts” to travel to Libya, meet senior officials, hold lectures and workshops, and promote the image of Libya and its controversial ruler.

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2 thoughts on “Gaddafi hired Prince of Darkness as his image consultant

  1. Norman

    Well, look at who Richard Perle is? Look at who the members of the neocons are? Is it any wonder that they are all backers of the Israeli’s? Rhetoric for public consumption is one thing, but what goes on behind the scenes, are quite different. Remember, between the oil and financial interests, power and money go hand in hand. All things considered, there are no borders no any moral high road. This is being brought to the forefront today in the upheaval in the M.E. Unfortunately, the U.S. will be led to the shame pool by the shadow handlers, meaning the citizens/taxpayers of the U.S.

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