2 thoughts on “Listening Post – The shootout, the US agent and the media

  1. Kathy

    Al jezeera, gets the story about how US media reported the Davis shooting news in concert with the US government, while it was being reported in wild exageration in pakistan. US feared this would put US security at risk. Al jazeera failed to report that dozens of US “special americans” then left pakistan. (their cover blown?) Al Jazeera does question if the Guardian would have published the “real” news if a british agent had been involved.

    Al jazeera rightly points out that a country may request news media to hold back when national security of lives may be at risk.

    Then unbelievably, Al Jazeera shows a video taken in Hong Kong, and makes it look like it was taken in China. In fact, anti-CNN netizens caught world wide media mis reporting the “Jasmine Rallies” in China, using fake photos, and thereby “selling” misleading stories that fit the ideology their “audience” expects.

    In fact, there were two Sundays involved, and after the fake stories were published after the first Sunday, China implemented new rules, and reminded journalists that in China they protect “The People’s Right To Know,” not western media’s wild west version of the “Free press” where anything goes as long as it sells.

    I have watched the AP video, that shows no reporter was “roughed up,” another video that shows the reporter telling a lie that he was ‘hit” while trying to report, and video showing the police politely explaining the requirement that the permited area had been expended.

    So why does Al Jazeera have a double standard when reporting news in China?

    In fact, one of the protesters in Hong Kong, and Wu’er Kai Shi in Taiwan were the ones who lied to journalists about witnessing a massacre that never occured, and who were actually at a restaraunt eating dinner at the time. Just the same, the journalists, hungry like sharks for a sensational story that would sell in the west, reported the massacre that never occured, and later, when the truth was revealed, balked and squirmed ther way out of any mea culpa whatsoever, leavving mant to believe the lies they printed. Now the same liers are back at it, and the same sharks eagerly eat it up without vetting the facts? PLEASE! STOP THE SPREAD OF PROPAGANDA!

    take care, and remember, vet the news, ALL THE NEWS. Do not swallow any news whole, be sure to chew it over in your most sceptical mind, and vet all facts!

    take care, Kathy

  2. Norman

    Good post Kathy, who ever you are. One has to see who owns & controls the news reporting in the World. The day that the news breaking had anything to do with reality, went south with the Vietnam war coverage. We haven’t had good news since then. You do state a fact, but it may be impossible to vet. That said, give yourself a Brava for your words.

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