How the West can tip the balance towards a free Libya

Aziz Meshiea, a Libyan reader of War in Context writes on his blog:

Qaddafi’s support inside the country is so wafer-thin and dependent on his ability to show continued strength in suppressing any resistance, is a pretty well understood fact inside the country.

As a Libyan myself, I see anti-interventionist essays and it truly irritates me. So here is a short list of what would be welcomed by Libyan’s trying to defeat Qaddafi.

1. A no-fly zone would NOT give Qaddafi more support but LESS. The mere idea that Western force will aid rebels will increase the rate at which his “followers” will defect to what they see as the winning side. The same can be said for targeted bombings, a tactic already called for by leaders of the rebel army.

2. As the NYT ( recently suggested communications for the rebels can be boosted by flying signal re-routers an boosters allowing the rebels to coordinate attacks and defense against the better equipped Government forces.

3. Similar to #2, jamming Government military communications would also be feasible and can be done from many miles away effectively blinding the fixed-wing forces and potentially handicapping the attack coordination of the government forces

4. Jam and disable all state media broadcasts especially but not limited to Libyan State TV. This would seriously hamper Qaddafi’s effort to demoralize the people in Tripoli who, like their brothers and sisters outside, would vastly prefer a nation without Qaddafi within it. This has the added advantage of silencing the Idiot Dictator.

None of the above suggestions would likely cost a single foreign life, would not involve foreign intervention on the ground and would greatly improve relations between the New Arab world and the West.

How anyone can argue [for] a hands-off approach in Libya, where the side of despotism is vastly better equipped and vastly more ruthless than any other Arab regime, is beyond me.

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2 thoughts on “How the West can tip the balance towards a free Libya

  1. Wikispooks

    I nominate Aziz Meshiea for the Cass Sunstein ‘Cognitive Infiltration’ memorial prize

    Granted pretty well all Heads of Arab and North African States are unpopular dictators; but Qadaffi is one of very few who is NOT also a US Patsie and whose country has a narrower wealth gap than most Western States including the Obscene USA.

    I guess Aziz Meshiea will also assure us that Qadaffi’s putative replacement – who, against all the evidence and in full accord with US/UK lying complicity on the issue, states that Lockerbie was ordered by Qadaffi – will NOT be just another US Patsie.

    Pull the other one Aziz. It’s got bells on.

  2. Renfro

    Totally agree.
    All this crap that we can’t do anything to help the Libyan freedom fighters beause we did this or that in Iraq and we want to steal everyone’s oil is ridiculous knee jerk thinking.

    The fact that the US has interfered before in determintal ways in the world is a damn good reason for us to do something on the right side in the right way for a change.

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