Mohammad Nabbous, face of citizen journalism in Libya, is killed in Benghazi

NPR’s Andy Carvin described Mohammad Nabbous as “Libya’s Cronkite” and “the face of Libyan citizen journalism.”

CNN’s Ben Wedeman: “Mohammed Nabbous was one of the courageous voices from Benghazi broadcasting to the world from the beginning. Smart, selfless, brave.”

Andy Carvin: “One thing to take away from Mo’s death this morning. His final reporting made it clear to the world that Gaddafi’s ceasefire was bullshit.”

Iveta Cherneva reports:

Mohammed Nabbous, founder of Libya AlHurra TV, killed this morning in Benghazi while reporting on Gaddafi forces attacks. Leaves behind wife and unborn baby.

Video reporter Mohammed Nabbous, the founder of Libya AlHurra TV, was killed in the morning of 19 March 2011 in Benghazi, while reporting on the civilian attacks by the pro-Gaddafi forces, announced Libya AlHurra TV.

“He touched the hearts of many with his bravery and indomnitable spirit. He will be dearly missed and leaves behind his young wife and unborn child”, said Sharon Lynch, TV station representative.

Mohammed Nabbous, better known as Mo, reflected the situation in Libya over the past weeks, providing exclusive video coverage of dangerous developments and situations. Mo was among the very few independent sources, which were able to provide alternative information on the ground.

“Mo’s objective in founding Libya AlHurra was to help his countrymen by getting the word out about what is happening in Libya”, said the AlHurra TV representative. Mo supplied on-the-ground videos and analysis of the situation in Libya over the past weeks and continued doing as so as Benghazi bombing and tank invasions began on 18 and 19 March.

Mo was shot by Gaddafi forces and for awhile was in a critical condition. At 3pm CET Mohamed reportedly passed away. His wife announced his tragic death in a video on Libya Al-Hurra TV.

Watch live streaming video from libya17feb at

This is one of Mohammed’s last reports where he went to a residential area in Benghazi which came under missile attack from Gaddafi’s forces last night.

Watch live streaming video from libya17feb at

This is Mohammed’s first broadcast:

This is his last report during a heavy gunfight in which he was fatally wounded:

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6 thoughts on “Mohammad Nabbous, face of citizen journalism in Libya, is killed in Benghazi

  1. Vince J.

    This is from the time Honduras US-backed military coup happened:
    “March has been a deadly month for journalists working in the country Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration recently praised for its dedication to democratic reform following the 2009 coup d’Etat that ousted democratically elected president Manuel “Mel” Zelaya.

    The Associated Press (AP) reports today, two journalists shot down and killed in eastern Honduras brings to seven the number of media workers murdered this month alone.

    Radio journalists, Jose Bayardo and Manuel de Jesus Juarez were attacked as they drove down a highway in Olancho province late last night. They were killed following a broadcast from the Excelsior radio studios.

    Police say they have no motive for the crime, but the method of the murders is similar to that of television station director, Nahum Palacios, who was too gunned down in his car as he left work on March 14th.

    The Latin America Herald Tribune says Reporters without Borders (RSF) released a statement demanding the Honduran authorities act to stem the attacks against reporters in the country.

    The Herald Tribune writes;

    “In its statement Saturday, RSF also expressed concern over recent threats against the editorial staff of opposition-aligned Radio Uno in the city of San Pedro Sula, saying that that station has been in the army’s sights since the coup and that reporters were putting themselves at risk by denouncing human rights violations.”

    Both the Honduran Press Association and the Inter American Press Association expressed concern, the latter saying they were worried about the “very unfortunate, radical increase in violence against journalists.”

    Honduras doesn’t produce oil.

  2. Vince J.

    This is Bahrain US-backed saudi:
    “A Bahraini Protester Saw the Saudi’s army in Bahrain throwing bodies in cars!! ”
    YouTube it!

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