3 thoughts on “American Radical — The trials of Norman Finkelstein — Part two

  1. bobs

    Little surprise that the cowardly world of American academia should prove unable to cope with a man of courage.

  2. Norman

    It shows the extent of the Israeli/Jewish cabal in the U.S.A. As long as the country enables academia to be influenced by one group or another, instead of the free trade of “ideas”, we will have this prejudiced, which I see it as fear, which probably has a more probable ring of truth to it. When any movement embraces fear into its foundation, then it’s inevitable that failure will be its destruction, where by earth shattering occurrences or a whimper. I’m surprised that the Israeli’s haven’t eliminated Dr. Finkelstein yet.

  3. BillVZ

    I have been rather impatiently waiting for the 2nd part of the American Radical. In doing so it gave me a chance to go back and refresh my memory regarding many of the events and issues concerning Norman and his outstanding intellectual activism. Like real suffering catching a great wave often entails sliding off to an extended and exciting ride; so it is often that links and references in an articl lets one extend their informational find.
    The famous Democracy Now full and complete on line encounter between Finkelstein and Dershowitz transcript was the appropriate starting point for me. one read led to another and I eventually came upon an absolutely fascinating article regarding the grounds,personages and intrique of Norman being non tenured at DePaul University.As we know Dershowitz had been on a jihad to get back at Finkelstein for exposing him as a charlatan. He retaliated by lobbying successfully against Finkelstein’s bid for tenure at DePaul University in Chicago.
    Andrew Chrucky,Ph.D in Philosophy,Fordham University is the author and researcher into this bizarre, and yet believable- considering the manner in which participants and institutional politics at academia all to often work, highly fascinating expose. I think you will recognise the clear scholarship of the author as he unfolds the sham of the incident and also appreciate even more the greatness of Finkelstein’s intellect, activism and above all dedication to the exposition of Zionist Israel and their belligerent apartheid like treatment of the Palestinians which seems,if possible, get ever more despicable.
    It is a fine read. http://www.ditext.com/chrucky/finkelstein.html-
    Andrew Chrucky Norman Finkelstein, DePaul, and U.S. Academia:
    Reductio Ad Absurdum of Centralized Universitie-July 23, 2007

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