J Street: Netanyahu refuses to meet delegation

Ynet reports:

Despite enjoying a hearty welcome at the US Congress recently, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to meet with a delagation of representatives organized by J Street, the liberal Jewish lobby said Sunday.

Congressmen cheered Netanyahu on enthusiastically 50 times during his speech, 29 of those being standing ovations. However when five of those same Congress members planned a visit Israel, requesting a meeting with the prime minster or any other official representative of the state, not a single one complied.

The delegation, composed of Democratic Congress members, was set to arrive in Israel on Monday. The trip was initiated by J Street, considered a controversial group known for its fierce criticism of Israel, particularly over the issue of West Bank settlements.

The organizers attempted to arrange meetings with Netanyahu ahead of time, however they were turned down due to alleged schedule conflicts.

Organizers claim this is an excuse, stating that the actual reason is due to Netanyahu’s government policy, which bans meetings with US legislators brought here by J Street.

The delegation includes five representatives: Steve Cohen from Tennessee, Betty McCollum from Minnesota, John Yarmuth from Kentucky, and Sam Farr and Lynn Woolsey from California. Two of them are Jewish.

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2 thoughts on “J Street: Netanyahu refuses to meet delegation

  1. Christopher Hoare

    Perhaps this is Netanyahu’s real extremist mistake—setting the venue for the fight between Zionist and Palestinian interests squarely in the US, where the most damning mistakes were made. The next congressional elections should be waged for American hearts and minds over the legitimacy of American partisan support for Israel—always provided without regard for the effect on American interests.

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