Jordanians ‘welcome’ King Abdullah by pelting his car with rocks and bottles

BBC News reports:

A group of young men in the Jordanian city of Tafileh have pelted the motorcade of King Abdullah II with stones and bottles, officials say.

The king is unharmed, they add.

The attack comes a day after King Abdullah announced major reforms, promising to relinquish his right to appoint prime ministers and cabinets.

The Jordanian government spokesman later denied that such an attack had taken place.

“The motorcade of his majesty the king was not attacked,” Taher Adwan told Agence France Presse.

A Royal Palace official who accompanied the king said that he had been enthusiastically greeted, not attacked.

“It was a gesture of welcome, not an attack,” he said, according to AP.

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One thought on “Jordanians ‘welcome’ King Abdullah by pelting his car with rocks and bottles

  1. Norman

    Between Syria and now Jordan, just where will the U.S. stick their fingers into? Perhaps if these two countries are overthrown, then Israeli ambitions will expand into the void? How arrogant and short sighted the Western leaders along with the Israelis have become in their thinking that they will be able to continue along their selfish path of colonialism.

    Oh goodness, Nuclear war is becoming a step closer with each passing day. Perhaps that’s the real salvation to humankind.

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